Wordy Wednesday

Hi everyone, I have a lot of medical updates today. I will start with the bad. Spooky’s blood work showed that his kidneys are in rough shape. I was so upset that I don’t remember the numbers, but I will get a copy of them all when I bring him on for fluids. I am going to learn how to do it and he will get them every other day for 2 weeks then we will retest his blood. He is also going to start on a kidney diet. I am hoping he will eat it because he has been getting pickier by the day.

I am very scared, he is acting like Lucy right before the end and will eat something one time and then not want it. He did eat almost a whole 3 oz. can of food today and some turkey lunch meat and some treats which is a lot compared to the past few days. I am trying to stay optimistic which is very hard because my husband is a pessimist.

DSCF0661 I am not giving up on him until he is ready to give up. All prayers and purrs are appreciated.

In better news, Millie’s thyroid was fine, actually better than last time.. I have been really trying to get those pills into him and haven’t been finding them on the floor when I sweep.

Daryl the feral is doing well. He is leaving the drain alone and eating everything I give him.

We are also praying for our dear friend, Flynn who has had some tough days lately. I know Lexi has been having a tough time too so we have been saying extra prayers for both of them- and Spooky too.

Just For FLYNN


Chewy # Sponsored

Happy Monday everyone! Phoebe is exhausted from her 2 days in a row of blogging.


Today we have a Chewy # Sponsored review. We were not compensated, but we did receive the product free in exchange for a fair review.

I have been looking for a different litter instead of the clay one we currently use. I would love one that doesn’t need scooping every 5 minutes ( really, in the morning, it can be every 5 minutes). Simple Solution 30 -Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter comes in a 15  pound box that is supposed to last for 30 days. I assume that means for one cat.


Unfortunately, the minute I opened it, I knew I was going to have a problem. It has a strong scent and like many other scented litters, I got an immediate headache and started sweating. I agreed to review it though so I put it in the box in the room with Polar Bear and his 2 wives ( Noel and Tallulah). They still come down to visit, but they seem to like their on space. And being that it is upstairs, I am not exposed to it as often.

litterIt is a pretty shade of pink. I couldn’t help but think the Trout Talkin Tabbies should get some to make their “art” sculptures. It did seem to work well in that the urine went to the bottom instead of clumping.

If you like scented litters then I would recommend this, but if not, then stay away. I always worry that my cats aren’t going to like cleaning their paws with that perfume scent from the litter. Right now it is on sale for $18.60 for 15 pounds with free shipping on orders over $49. Here is the link for Simple Solution on Chewy

Today is Polar Bear’s turn to get his thyroid recheck-update tomorrow.




Medical Updates

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day so I thought I would give you some updates on the kitties:006

Millie continues to take his thyroid pills ( mostly, I found a couple on the floor). I took Polar Bear back to the low cost vet for the 4th time in 3 months. The first few times they wouldn’t do blood work because the vet I dealt with claimed his upper respiratory infection could lead to incorrect results. He continues to lose weight so I insisted on the blood work and this vet was more than happy to cooperate. Good thing he did because Polar Bear also has an over active thyroid. I find it an odd coincidence that my 2 white males around 10 years old both have the same problem and they are not related. He still has some sneezing so this vet gave me something to help suppress herpes virus instead of another antibiotic.  016

I also had Stinky get some bloodwork so she can get her teeth cleaned. I am happy to report that her blood work was perfect. I need to schedule her dantal now- we go to a VCA vet and they are having a special until the end of March for 20 % off dentals. 004

Prancie had her dental a couple weeks ago. I was nervous because she has a heart murmur and we opted not to do tthe ultra sound. Well, hubby opted not to, he figured we had one 2 years ago and it is probably the same problem. I am happy to say that went really well too and she didn’t even need an extraction.015

In an ideal world I would get everyone dentals yearly or at least every other year. Currently, I do a few a year based on who needs it most. I hope everyone’s kitties are doing well.