At Home Test Kit for Cats

Saturday again already, its a long weekend here in the US for Labor Day. This has been another sad week in the blogging world. I was saddened to read about Jewel from:  going to the Rainbow Bridge. Loving pets takes a strong heart because you know how it is going to end-too soon. But, I will take the pain any day to have enjoyed the love of a cat and I know that is how all of you feel too.

Today is product day and I haven’t purchased this yet, but I plan to. This is an at home test kit to check for 3 medical issues that are all to common in cats- diabetes, UTI and protein in urine. This kit can’t replace veterinary care, but it can be a good starting point. Here is the link : . For under $20, it is a great way to save your cat the torture of traveling to an appointment if one is not needed.

Next week is a special school themed week. I am thinking of starting “Kitty Kindergarten” similar to Cat Scouts. Kitties could attend online once a week and get a report card and a certificate to post on their blogs and other social media. Would anyone be interested?