Phoebe’s Contest

Hi everyone!

Ready for the contest? I am going to have you take a guess as to whether the new kitty is a boy or a girl. Also, does it have a microchip? I am sure many will answer both correctly so whoever does will be entered to win this catnip mat and crocheted turkey leg and baby rat.

Just answer in the comment section of today’s post. I will accept answers until Wednesday night at 9 PM ( EST). I will announce the winner in Thursday’s post.

Mom will be heartbroken if this kitty has a microchip, she is already quite attached. She has been able to brush the kitty and remove some mats. There was no fleas or flea dirt which is a miracle.

I haven’t seen Grammie since Saturday and I miss her. I love her so very much, I hope she visits soon.




Not a Skunk Update

Hi everyone. I actually was able to catch the stray cat Wednesday night. It is either a fixed male or a female. I will bring kitty to the shelter clinic Wednesday for vaccines and a FELV/FIV test.

Does anyone know if there is a FIP test?

No worries, kitty is not in a jar. Kitty is segregated in a breezeway off the garage, but safe and happy. Poor kitty was covered in ticks and probably fleas too, I already applied a topical treatment from the vet.

I have checked local animal control FB pages and craigslist for lost cats. We will also check for a microchip at the clinic. I find it hard to believe someone would dump this sweet cat, but the same thing happened to Prancie, Tallulah, Stinky, Penny and Barney.

I had been feeding kitty for at least 2 weeks and it was getting braver so I started puling the dish toward the breezeway and once inside, I shut the door. Kitty was scared, but only briefly. I have also discovered kitty loves nip and for me to pet him or her.

I have decided on the names Emmy for a girl and Oscar for a boy. I am hoping it is a girl because Sammy already has his Brody issues.

I used Imagechef for the photo, we are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.

We are also joining #PMTphotohunt @tonkstail  / I cheated and used Loonapix , I hope to see this image on a cloudy day , Snowball.


Friendly Fill-Ins Week 56

Hi everyone. Time for Friendly Fill-Ins Week 56. Please remember to leave your link at McGuffy’s Reader. You can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate.

1. A law I would like to see passed is _________________________.

2. My favorite card game is ______________________.

3. With Summer unofficially here,                                   .
4. A favourite Summer memory is                                   .
My answers:
1. A law I would like to see passed is that animal control can’t shoot cats, it breaks my heart to read on other blogs that this happens in some southern states. I even contacted the SPCA, APSCA and Humane Society about this and got no response from any of them- so sad.
2. My favorite card game is cribbage. It is the only one I play. Phoebe loves it when we play and likes to get right in on the game.
3. With Summer unofficially here, we have started planting our garden and I can’t wait to have fresh zucchini.
4. My favourite Summer memory is trips to Old Orchard Beach Maine when I was a child when my folks were still together and my sister was still in school ( she is 8 yrs. older than me).
Here is the first official photo of the kitty I have been feeding, definitely not a skunk.

ROAR-2 Blind Cats and Crew for Half-Pint

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am pleased to say that after 2 weeks of battling fleas, I think we are in control and $500 poorer. Today is ROAR day, for anyone new to the blog, I choose a cat rescue group or individual to donate to every Wednesday.

Today’s ROAR is for a fellow blogger of 2 Blind Cats and Crew. This very kind woman has blind cats to care for and has been feeding a stray she named Half Pint. Who remembers Half-Pint on Little House on the Prarie? Yes, I am old. Well, she was finally able to capture her and bring her inside. Funds are needed for a crate and vet care. She has started a PayPal account for this. Here is the link to her blog with all the information: I have a special place in my heart for strays as many of mine were strays at one time.Here is one of our former strays Penny: 002

Hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading.


Contest and Polar Bear’s Story

Happy Sunday everyone! I am happy that I survived yoga yesterday, some of those poses are difficult. I invented a new one too- the sleeping cobra, the teacher said to modify our cobra as needed so I just took a mini nap on the mat.

Today is ” Every Cat Has a Story” day and today’s story is about Polar Bear. Last week, I introduced you to one of his wives, Tallulah. Back in September 2008, I was cat sitting for a friend and I even agreed to dog sit so Rocco wouldn’t have to stay alone. I don’t mind dogs, but I am not thrilled with the walking in all weather and picking up their poop part. During one of our walks, I met Polar Bear in the yard. He started waiting for me and even followed me to the 2nd floor apartment. The neighborhood had a lot of strays, but he was the only one that approached me. I knew I wasn’t going to leave him behind.

I made an appointment to get him fixed ,so of course the night before when I went to get him, he was nowhere to be seen. I walked around like a crazy lady calling kitty-kitty-kitty. I didn’t know at the time that he was deaf. I ended up getting a call to be an extra in 30 Rock in NYC so my niece took over the pet sitting, but she never spotted him those 2 days I was gone. I hated to go, but when one lives 3 and a half hours from NYC, opportunities like this are rare. I am happy to say that I was actually visible when the show aired and when I got back, Polar Bear was waiting. I had kept a crate in my car so I just grabbed him and brought him right to the vet.

This is my best photo of him ( anyone with a deaf cat knows how hard it is to get their attention for a photo). :polarbear. Next week, I will introduce you to his other wife.

Have a great day and if you didn’t comment yesterday, you can today for a chance to win a MEOW bracelet.