The Pawtograph

Not a happy Friday. I am sure my fellow bloggers all read Sparkle’s  “Thank You”  post yesterday. I had no idea that she was so sick and hoped she had many more years of advice to give us. I am glad she got to hunt an alligator last week.

Lucy was planning to recommend Sparkle’s book again like she did last week. We were thrilled that Sparkle sent us a pawtograph to add to our copy. We will treasure her pawtograph forever. 005

I know she was working on another book about Litter Box Training humans and I hope it gets published.

I am not recommending any other books today and Dr. Who doesn’t really matter right now. My thoughts and prayers are with Sparkle and her family. I hope her mom knows how many lives Sparkle has touched. I was thrilled when Sparkle started commenting on my blog, it made me feel like this little blog mattered. I appreciate everyone that reads it, but given Sparkle’s celebrity status, it made me very happy.

Treasure your kitties while you can and spoil them. And go out and purchase Sparkle’s 2 books, we have one and I ordered the other on Amazon yesterday. And THANK YOU Sparkle!



    1. She sure did, the whole cat blogging world is broken hearted. That was nice of you to set up the links.

  1. We know you will always treasure that pawtograph. Sparkle was important and special to all animal bloggers. We could always depend on her to leave a comment on our blog, and she was usually the first one. We will have her in our hearts always. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. All the cat bloggers paid tribute to Sparkle in their own way and every one of them was wonderful. I hope Sparkle’s mom gets some comfort from them.

  2. That’s such a wonderful way to remember Sparkle, and all that she gave to all of us. We know you will treasure it, along with her memory, forever.

  3. Beautiful tribute. RIP to a cat blogging pioneer, champion of those cats who have no voice and shining light. Hmm, I wonder who’s gonna take over that litter box series.

    1. Everyone has made a lovely tribute to Sparkle, I hope they all give her mom some comfort.

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