The Catburry Bunny Auditions- Part 3

Hi everyone! Today is the last of our Catburry Bunny Auditions for this year. I saved the most difficult for last. I couldn’t even get the ears on Polar Bear and Noel.


Polar Bear



Nellie was very cooperative

I used my mom’s cell phone to take a selfie with this cool Easter Bunny at Michael’s. I wonder if anyone is going to buy it for  $275?  I am 5’10” so this is a big bunny.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.


Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! Saturday morning my mom called me laughing hysterically and told me I had a typo I needed to fix immediately. I went back to bed for an hour and when I went to fix it there were several comments about it already. It was giving everyone a chuckle so I decided to leave it because I love making people laugh.

Joanie and some of her friends wanted to do a selfie, well, an ussie.

It’s Monday!

Hi everyone! We were very sad to learn that sweet Nellie left for The Rainbow Bridge on Friday. Rest in Peace our dear friend.


Mom is letting me write today because I didn’t get to yesterday. You know who is better than The Easter Bunny? Grammie!!! I love her so very much!

Look at all these goodies! They are for everyone except I got to pick one bag just for me. I picked the purple bag.

Mom planted some cat grass for me, but most of it just started to SPROUT ( #PMT phothunt)   @tonkstail

I even visited with The Great One. She seems to like me, she kept handing me toys. All the other kitties were hiding.

Today is the letter N for the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

   We have a crocheted NIP tea bag.

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww… Mondays blog hop, we are skipping the reading one today because Mom is lazy.

Phoebe’s Hopping Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone! I am filling in for Mom today so she can spend time with Dad – today is their 23rd anniversary. 001Mom claims this is their wedding photo, but it doesn’t look like them. weddingAnd she says the little flower girl is her niece, but I don’t think so- her niece is married and due to have a baby next week. Grammie is mad at the baby because she didn’t come out on her birthday, silly Grammie. I love my Grammie so very much. She brought me us a big bag of treats yesterday.

Time to hop, I get to do the fill-ins for Feeling Beachie’s Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun:

This week’s co-host is PAM from TROOPPETRIE MC GUFFY’S READER. She came up with the last THREE statements.


Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. Have you _____
  2. Growing up summer meant _____
  3. The weather outside is________
  4. My favorite teacher taught me____


2. Growing up summer meant PLAYING OUTSIDE, BUT NOW I AM INDOORS CAT.

3. The weather outside is TOO COLD FOR WINDOW WHIFFS-PHOOEY!

4. My favorite teacher taught me THAT SWEET KITTIES GET LOTS OF TREATS.

For Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and the Lazy Pit Bull’s #52 Snapshots of Life “Pumpkin” theme we have the beautiful pumpkin our friend Nellie carved for us last Halloween. 15_o_lanternI wish Nellie still blogged, but at least she gets to visit sometimes. Caturday Art52 Snapshots of LifeSee you tomorrow!

Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tummy Tuesday everyone!I was hoping to do another plant quiz, but didn’t have time to take photos. Hubby and I decided to “forage” and had fried Queen’s Anne Lace blossoms, they were tasty with a hint of lemon. I am going to get a book from the library on foraging because I know many things looks similar, but some are edible and others are poisonous.

We went to Nellie’s 5th Blogoversary party and to thank us, sweet Nellie sent this beautiful badge that we will proudly display on the sidebar.

5thBlogoversaryThank you Nellie and family!

I told you on Sunday that our fill-in was used this week on Lou Belcher’s Blog and here is the cartoon:Crazy Cat Lady 2

And if you haven’t read Millie’s story on The Daily Mews, here is the link: The funny part of his story is that I have fought my hubby to get every cat in this house- except Millie-hubby rescued him 🙂 There are a lot of great articles on the site.

And now for that tummy: 004Joanie wanted to be cool with shades, but they were a little big so I had to hold them up for her.