Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today is behavior day and I want to say how proud I am of my kitties. There are 8 of the 15 that have an all access pass to the Christmas Tree and no one ever destroys it or climbs it. Once in a while, I find an ornament down, but I leave all the unbreakables on the bottom braches for them.

The kitties have started their letters to Santa: letter1Penny

and Snowball:letter2

I go to Macy’s a lot ( every week) so I thought it was OK to take 15 of these letters for Santa that they have out for the kids to fill in. They are free and there is no sign stating they are for kids only., Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centricWe are hopping. Joanie is thankful to be rid of her stitches and cone. I am thankful to everyone who reads this blog. It has become such a part of my life and reason to get up in the morning ( other than hungry cats 🙂 )


Another Contest and Cool Cat Themed Items

Happy Saturday everyone! I love to give stuff away so at the end of this post, I will announce another contest. Today is product day and I have lots of kitty themed stuff for humans to tell you about.

First off, if you missed my post the other day, Target has a great kitty cardigan in sizes XS-XXL. Here’s mine: 015. I love it because it doesn’t scream crazy cat lady, it whispers it- LOL.

Next up is a beautiful comforter covered with cats from Heath and Home: They also have a matching kitty bed and shower curtain. Had I not already spent over $300 in flea supplies, I might have been able to get something 🙁 . Actually, I wouldn’t spend that much on a comforter, if I had available funds, I would donate more on ROAR days.

Now for the contest, I went to Macy’s with my Mom today and found this adorable bracelet that says MEOW: 002. All you have to do is comment today or tomorrow and you will be entered to win. I will choose a winner Monday morning ( if I have at least 10 comments, otherwise I will wait until I do).

Now I am off to yoga with the hubby-I think, although he wanted to skip and I could easily be persuaded to skip too. My mom got up early to come cat sit so I think she would be annoyed so I guess we will go. Have a great day everyone!