J is for Jackson

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the purrs and prayers for Spooky. I will give frequent updates. Today is J day for the A-Z Blogging Challenge and I have 2 authors to recommend.

First is Lillian Jackson Braun, she wrote several The Cat Who mystery novels, according to Wikipedia, she wrote 30, but the last one was canceled by the publisher. When I went to a book sale last week, I purchased one of her books to give away today ( just say in the comments that you want to enter to win). This is book #29, The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers.


I also want to recommend Jackson Galaxy’s books. I know I didn’t give his most recent one the best review, but I do like his original and all he stands for. He has helped many cats on his show and has educated many pet parents that watch the show. Until he came along, I never gave much though to cats thinking vertically.

DSCF1061Brody sighting

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Happy Thursday everyone! I am having a nice week. I got to see my Grammie for a long time on Tuesday. I love her so very much.

Mom did force me to wear the Indian headband-phooey!015I wouldn’t lift my head or open my eyes though. At least now I can relax until she starts with the Christmas photos.

Thank you for all the input on the heated throws/electric blankets. Mom has agreed to get them out for us today.


I am having a big giveaway for Thanksgiving! It starts today, I will announce the winner on Sunday. You can comment once a day from now through Saturday.  It includes a turkey print catnip mat, a crocheted turkey leg and a pumpkin and for your human there is a wishbone ornament and a book called The Cat Who Talked Turkey by Lillian Jackson Braun.  The book is from a book sale, but Mom thought it would go well with the theme of the giveaway. There is also a crocheted pilgrim hat and a feather headband for you to be tortured wear.

031 Crap on a cracker, I gotta go- I am not dressing up as a turkey. See you Sunday!