A-Z Blogging Challenge: A

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it is April already. Time for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. My theme is ways to save money on our cats, without sacrificing quality of care. I plan to tell you about coupons, offers, freebies and tips.

For A, I want to tell you about the ASPCA website. If you sign up to receive important alerts by email from them, you will get a free pet safety pack snailmailed to you. It includes a window decal to alert firefighters that you have pets inside. You will also get a magnet with the phone number for poison control. To sign up, click here.

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We are also joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays . Joanie wants you to see her in another set of rabbit ears too.


The Catburry Bunny Auditions-Part 1

Hi everyone! Today we have part one ( of three)  of The Catburry Bunny Auditons.








Joanie -she is proud of her new tutu. Please don’t tell her I bought it in the Easter aisle, it is a decoration for an Easter basket and a bargain for $1.88.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! Today we have an “ussie” from Sammy, Joanie and Emmy. Lately, Emmy has decided she likes to sleep on the bed at night with us and also part of the day. She used to whap Joanie, but now they are friends.

And here is Trouble, “helping” me fix Grammie’s glasses.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Purim to all our Jewish friends! Trouble got to dress as Queen Esther this year because this is her first Purim with us. She is a big boned girl so the cape is too small.Here are some of the other kitties in the costume from years past.

Emmy 2018

Joanie 2017

Phoebe 2016

Lucy 2015

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St. Patrick’s Day!

Hi everyone. Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

We are joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

I am joining another started last week at CactusCatz called Sabi Saturday. I am a day late this week, but better late than never. In the hop, we will show something we have found and rescued or repurposed, etc. You can read about it in full by clicking here.

I rescued this ironing board from a dumpster back in 2007. My mom and I were picking up my niece at college after her freshman year. A lot of kids were tossing good things in the dumpster and I spotted this. Much to my niece’s embarrassment I shamelessly grabbed it. Then she spotted a poster she wanted and asked me to get that for her- so I went dumpster diving again. It is very handy and much easier to use than dragging out the full-sized one.



It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and Book Date’s It’s Monday What are YOU Reading?

As most of you know Lent began last Wednesday. I decided to read Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul by Bonnie Gray. There are 7-8 pages to read each day that include a scripture, a prayer, questions to think about and ideas to expand on each day. Some ideas include journaling and taking photos.

I am joining another hop that just started at CactusCatz called Sabi Saturday. I am late this week, but I was so excited that I figured better late than never. In the hop, we will show something we have found and rescued or repurposed, etc. You can read about it in full by clicking here.

I think most will put items they have rescued and I will eventually, but today I am showing you Emmy. I found her outside and kept her. Actually, I could show you a photo of almost every one of my cats because that is how most joined our family. I hope some of you will want to join in the new hop.

Penny is getting bumped tomorrow so I can tell you about Millie’s Basepaws results that finally came in.


Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! Saturday morning my mom called me laughing hysterically and told me I had a typo I needed to fix immediately. I went back to bed for an hour and when I went to fix it there were several comments about it already. It was giving everyone a chuckle so I decided to leave it because I love making people laugh.

Joanie and some of her friends wanted to do a selfie, well, an ussie.

Fat Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today is Mardi Gras so several of my kitties have agreed to pose with beads. First though, Joanie wants to tell you about her new food. I know dry food is not recommended, but that is all Joanie can eat. She has yacked up every canned food I tried on her and she tends to eat the dry too fast and yack that up too. When my friend told me about PawTree and sent me a sample for Joanie I was thrilled.

*Disclosure: I was sent a sample of PawTree Real Chicken Recipe for cats. I was not asked to do a review, but I am choosing to. All opinions are my own.

As you can see in the photo, the pieces are small. She usually eats out of a bowl, but I thought it would be easier to see the food this way. It is made in the USA. No corn, wheat or soy. You can check out all the facts by clicking here. The link goes directly to my friend’s PawTree page so she can get a commission on sales. They have several other flavors too and canned food which I will be ordering for Joanie to test soon.  Joanie has been eating this for a few weeks and so far, no yacking- knock on wood , 3 times.My only complaint is shipping costs, but Joanie is worth it. Now on to the beads!


Joanie and Gremmie







Who wore them best? No one can top Angel Lucy from 2015. She earned her beads.

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Mewsic and More

Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and Mewsic Moves Me (hosted by Curious as a Cathy,Xmas Dolly, JAmerican Spice and Stacy Uncorked.The theme for this week is songs that teach. I could only come up with one, Billy Joel’s We  Didn’t Start the Fire (1989). I remember when I was a tutor that one of the History teachers had the students memorize the song. It covers 100 events from 1949-1989.

We are also joining Comedy Plus’ Awww..Mondays.Joanie is investigating the crocheted vases I made for pussy willows.

One more thing- the winner of our giveaway in one of our loyal readers-Cindyann. She wrote 2 great poems ( one for each giveaway) in the comments which did not affect her chances, but they were a lot of fun. Thank you to all who entered. We will have another giveaway soon.

Although I think Emmy looks cute in the hat
I’ve really got my eye on the mat
I do think she’s an adorable cat
I don’t know what my cats would think about that
I like the mat the mat is cute
I do like the character Groot
this is my attempt to rhyme
now you know why i don’t do it all the time

Another chance at a Dr Seuss Mat
I really must be a lucky cat (cats??)
I am so happy I got out of bed
to see the photos of Mr & Mrs Potato Head

You may roll your eyes at my rhyme
but I’ll cross my fingers that I win this time