Phoebe’s Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! I want to thank Mary in Ohio for solving the mystery yesterday of why they only use a certain part of the mole.004

Apparently that is the only part that is left when they get done playing whack-a-mole. Poor things.

Now I have another mystery. Mom said she was going to church last night with her niece and the baby ( you know the one Grammie likes better than me) . Well, she came home with ashes on her forehead- do you think she snuck out to start smoking? I know she gave up chocolate for Lent,but I hope she isn’t going to smoke instead.

I got to see my Grammie on Monday which was nice, I love her so very much. I wish she would visit more often though, but she has a cold ( she didn’t catch it from me- can you guess who she got it from?)

I discovered something very nice this week. Daddy hurt his hip and was using a heating pad so I shared it with him. phoebeheatingpad Then when he got up, I took it over. 001

Penny got a package from Toby today: 003 Mom says I have to let her show you what she got on Sunday. And I will show you the beautiful card my purrince sent me.

I am thankful for my purrince and my Grammie and my Mom and Dad and all my brothers and sisters too. That is why I am joining Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday blog hop.

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

See you Sunday and be sure to stop by Saturday when Mom is starting a big giveaway worth $100.