Trouble’s First Selfie

Hi everyone! We are joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. This is my first selfie, I am wearing the hat my mom crocheted for me. I think it is a little plain, it needs a bow or something- don’t you agree?

I also get to announce the 2 winners of our A-Z Challenge giveaway. And the winners are- Marvelous Marv and Valentine (Noir Kitty News).


Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! Here is a sneak peak of my Cinco de Mayo outfit.

  Mom is trying to get a video of my pole dancing, but I doubt I will be in my outfit.

I am joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am thankful that I saw Grammie Wednesday and she brought me more Temptations.I love her so very much.

Here is my poem for Sammy’s Poetry Day, this week is the letter U. Thanks to all who suggested U topics.

Umbrellas always blow inside out
then you get wetter than a trout.
My Grammie is smart,
she covers her hair with a bag from Wal-Mart.

And the lucky winners of the A-Z Giveaway are Beaded Tail and McGuffy’s Reader-Congratulations!

And here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for this week Mom came up with the first two and McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second two.

1. ___________________ landline.

2.My most treasured piece of jewelry is _________________________.

3. This year, I have learned                             .

4. I would like to                            before this year is over.
May the 4th Be With You! Poor Angel Lucy Mom put these cookies on her to be Princess Leia then Mom ate the cookies- this photo was even in Cat Fancy.


Happy ThurZday everyone! Today is the last day of the a-z challenge.

Z is for Zazzle which is a great place to purchase lots of kitty themed items. You can just type in cat or kitty in the search and thousands of choices will come up. You can also customize any product with your own photos and color choices.

Don’t tell my Mom, but I have decided to start a Zazzle store( Phoebefor15) and this is my first product :

The Phoebe Bag

I am so lucky to be so beautiful, I thought I would share my beauty with the World ( and make a little catnip money too).

And the lucky winner of the chicken legs and donuts is: Katie Isabella ( 009Congratulations!!!

I hope my Grammie gives me some treats today, she was here 2 days in a row and no treats were distributed. I still love her very much though.

Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Sunday again already and first I want to pray for all our sick friends-PAWS+TOGETHERPurrs+and+Prayers+for+Lily

I got a package in the mail Wednesday from my sweet Purrince:001There was a very sweet note -no, I am not going to tell you what it said. 002

003He sent me these adorable photos of him. I showed my Dad and he thought my Purirnce was a gambler, I had to explain that he was playing Solitaire- silly Daddy. 006He even wrapped them in elegant gold tissue paper- how did he know I love to play with tissue paper? I am a lucky Purrincess.

And there are some other lucky kitties out there-

The winner of the Passover giveaway is Cody (

004My Mom can’t wait to see a photo of you in the yarmulke.

And the winner of the Easter giveaway is The Canadian Cats ( ).003

Congratulations!! I hope everyone has a great week.I will, I get to see my Grammie tomorrow, I love her so very much.

PS: More Cadbury Bunny Auditions:


040JinxCat4019Prancie ( AKA- Daddy’s Princess)