#JHC Day 2 and Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! I have a great giveaway starting today. Mom loves Halloween so much that we are doing two for Halloween. This one is black cat themed in celebration of the new book Layla of Cat Wisdom developed and edited to promote black cat adoptions called Black Cats Tell All.


The giveaway is for this beautiful catnip mat with black cats on it, a small purse with black cats( brown ones and grey ones too) on it, a black cat silicone trivet and a crocheted pumpkin. To enter, type black cats rock! in the comments ( you can write something else too, but that is all you need to enter). I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

I saw my Grammie yesterday. I love her so very much. I don’t think she loves me though, she didn’t bring me any treats.

The word for today in the #JHC Challenge is ghost.

Mom thought this photos of Lucy from 2010 would be perfect:


My sweet purrince wrote me a poem on Thursday, he is so romantic:

“Purrincess Phoebe

mee buttercup sweetie!!!
You are mee werld,
mee Purrincess gurl.
There can bee no other…
because yur sweet as butter!
Mee heart does sing,
yur mee efurry fing!!!
Purrincess Phoebe
mee fur ever sweetie…..”

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies, suck up  Brody wants to wish all our Jewish friends a Shanah Tova! Mom made him his own yarmulke:



Happy Toesday everyone! Today at the Tabby Cat Club, they are celebrating toes. All the talk of toes reminded me of declawing and how awful it is. I cat sit for 2 cats that were rescued, but their former owner had a procedure done to them that is supposed to be less invasive than declawing. It is a tendon cut, which sounds pretty awful to me. These cats need to get their nails trimmed often because they can’t retract them. Has anyone else ever heard of this?


Another Lucy is in need of prayers Purrs Badge for LUCYhttp://myblogoffurrycreatures.blogspot.com/

Have you heard Ghost’s story? It is quite touching and worthy of a movie deal. For GHOST and Family(1)http://www.thedailypip.com/2015/09/ghosts-among-us.html

There is also a fund set up for him and his family: Ghost fund

And don’t forget to comment today and tomorrow to enter the giveaway:010

PS: Carol said I could share our photo from the cat show:012

PSS: Joanie wants to show her tongue this week instead of her tummy:joanietongue

Two Perfect 10’s

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day and my first ROAR is to wish a happy 10th birthday to Joanie and Sammy. 005

I wish I had them all 10 years, but I didn’t adopt them until May 2010. It breaks my heart to know they had a 3rd sibling that was adopted before I got there.

There are so many cats in need out there. One is a cat named Ghost that was adopted by a couple that was homeless themselves and chose to share the few resources they have with this loveable guy. For GHOST and Family


And we donated to Boris the cat who is always raising money to help kitties in need, there is a youcaring fund located here: Boris

Phoebe will be here tomorrow, but she will probably be mad that she has to share a post with me.