Furminator #ChewyInfluencer

Hi everyone! Today is Chewy review day and we have a great product to tell you about. When I was offered a choice of FURminator for cats with long hair or short hair, I chose the one for long hair.

*Disclaimer: We received a FURminator for free from Chewy in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are our own.

Several times a month, Emmy will lose her appetite until she hacks up a big furball. I have been using the FURminator on her daily for two weeks and she has not had a furball issue. I am thrilled about this because she was diagnosed with the start of kidney disease in addition to her heart problem so when she doesn’t eat, I assume it is one of those problems and panic.

Hubby helped with the photo shoot because it is tough to hold a cat still and the FURminator and a camera, actually it is impossible.

Every single time Emmy is being brushed. Trouble gets jealous and wants a turn.

This is a cat that likes to be brushed.

After just two passes over her back, we got this. There is a cool FURjector button to push that releases the fur so you don’t have to pull it off by hand like with other grooming tools. It also has a nice ergonomic handle for easy gripping.

The  small FURminator is currently on sale at Chewy for $11.12 . there is also a larger one available as well as one for short- haired cats. If you are interested, click here. And while you are there, be sure to stock up on all your kitty’s needs because shipping is free on orders over $49. Shipments always arrive in 1-2 business days, my orders usually arrive in under 24 hours.

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