KaTwo Update

Hi everyone. KaTwo had her appointment with the surgeon. I was hoping he would say lipomas ( fatty tumors), but he is pretty sure she is in the 90% with aggressive malignancies. Her x-ray did not show that it had spread, but one lymph node is effected. The lymph node is nowhere near the tumors though, it is near her heart. The surgeon told me it could be from another cancer or something else.

The two tumors feel like they have grains of couscous in them ( that is how he described them). He said pushed together they would equal the size of a grape. Her heart is also enlarged which poses a question of how she would do with surgery. This could be from her hyperthyroid which is still high. I am going to start giving liquid meds for that instead of transdermal because apparently they don’t always work and she is impossible to pill.

I need to decide whether to have her get the surgery which would remove the entire “chain” of four on her left side. He couldn’t tell me of any great outcomes because he does about two a year and most follow up with a regular vet. From what I have read, she could have six months or a year after this surgery because it always returns. It all depends on if there is something hidden in there that has spread and how aggressive it is. I am trying to debate about quantity over quality.

My mom went with me and she thinks I should let her be. My mom is always right ; her instinct is better than mine. So I am leaning that way, but then I will always wonder what if I had done the surgery? I am also an optimist and still have hope in the 10% that these are benign.

I welcome any suggestions/input. I know some of you weighed in last week and I appreciate that. Please keep KaTwo in your prayers. Thank you.