Phoebe is Back

Hi everyone, Phoebe here. Sorry I haven’t been able to write, I miss Lucy. As Mom was carrying her out, we touched noses. That means she chose me to be the Queen of the house. I was really the only kitty she liked, she liked KaChoo too before she left for the bridge and now they are together.


Sunday was Grandparent’s Day and I wanted to make a big deal out of it because I love my Grammie so very much, but I didn’t get to. I was going to make her a coaster with air dry clay and my paw prints, but Mom took the clay with her so the vet techs could get Lucy’s paw prints.

Penny has chosen the winner of the socks 010Jan’s Funny Farm

Congratulations!! And Penny also is adding in one of the dog toys Mom made and some crocheted catnip toys for the kitties so everyone will be happy.

We have had Cat Scout Charles visiting us, he is very sweet and lots of fun. He even posed for our next giveaway which starts today. As you know ,Talk Like a Pirate Day is Saturday so we are giving away a pirate themed catnip mat:006We will announce the winner on Saturday.

Flat Scout Charles even got to go to Emily Dickinson’s House:


One more thing….has anyone seen my bikini? It was traveling and I haven’t seen anyone post about wearing it in a while.