Today is ROAR day and I was hoping to have a great ROAR, but sadly, it is not. I was inspired by Melissa, Miss Mudpie’s Mom when she helped rescue a cat from death row last week by pledging and then honoring the pledge. Last night, I was on Twitter and saw a beautiful 3-year-old cat on death row so I pledged $25,there were many other pledges too, but sadly, Princess went to The Bridge today.

PRINCESS – A1061292

Now I am kicking myself. I should have pledged more, I should have read the information better. I didn’t realize they would adopt to people in New England, I thought it was only the tri-state area. I am angry too that the pledge required was over $200 even though $150 is returned of the animal is fixed- and she was already spayed so why make the fee so high? They also tested her and she was negative for FELV/FIV on the 23rd so why do they test if they are going to murder them so quickly? I know this happens daily and I try to shield myself from it, but I guess if we all shield ourselves then it will keep happening.

Now that I am in tears and made everyone sad, I will try to cheer you up with a video of Snowball enjoying the cool toy that Peaches and Paprika’s Mom brought us ( she is better than Santa).

Phoebe will be having a giveaway tomorrow and telling you more about Christmas.