Phoebe’s St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway!

Happy Thursday everyone! Does my tail look twisted? 013Dad said my tail was in a twist because he squirted me with water. Prancie and I were playing and he said I was beating her up so he squirted me with a water bottle to break us up. He didn’t squirt his princess Prancie, just poor me. I could have gotten pneumonia or something. I can’t wait til my Grammie watches us, she would never spray me. I love her so very much.

I am having a giveaway for St. Patrick’s Day! Just comment between now and Saturday to be entered. You can comment daily for more chances to win. The prize is one of the crinkle kickers Mom made and 2 green crocheted balls. I would like to include this stupid hat too, but Mom said no- phooey!


Snowball has been pestering me again so I found a new hiding spot behind the chair in the bedroom- shhh! please don’t tell her:023

PS: I may have been a little aggressive with Prancie 🙂 A girl needs to have some fun. See you Sunday! Tomorrow we have a guest post by Sammy’s friend, Maggie.

And now a word from our Spooky: 002As you know black cats have less of a chance of being adopted so please watch and spread the word of this great video that helps promote us, it debuts Friday the 13th so be sure to subscribe to Catastrophe’s videos on youtube:  Luckycat_Still_notext