Selfie Sunday: The Tocktober Edition-Part 2

Happy Selfie Sunday everyone! We have really made a dent in those treats Grammie brought us. She watched us on Friday so we had lots. I love my Grammie so very much.

As most of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month so we are having a pink giveaway. 010There is a catnip mat, socks and some pink toys. Just comment today through Wednesday ( you can comment every day for more chances). And please remember that breast cancer can strike kitties too- especially those that are not spayed or get spayed later in life. I am worried because I was not spayed until I was one.

Now for some tocks: 005Millie 009Jinx 012Spooky 004Sammy eyeballKaTwoKaTwo  ( pardon the eyeball, Mom thinks she is funny)


PS: My bikini has been located

Now, it is headed to Miss Mudpie- good thing she has fur because it is a little past bikini weather in the North East.

PSS: Mom is going to a cat show today and she is going to see some bloggers- she will write about it tomorrow.


Another Tummy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is medical day so I will give you some updates. First off is Spooky, I finally got to talk to his vet and she told me that there is a blood test for lyme disease. He needs a recheck on his thyroid this Thursday so he will also get the lyme test then as well as his blood pressure checked( because of the protein in his urine).The dental got put on hold until these issues get resolved. He is doing really well and gives me a lot of trouble taking his pill.

Lucy ended up at the vet yesterday. She only peed in the morning Sunday, she usually goes twice a day, then she peed on the throw rug so I knew something was wrong. She also seems to be losing weight and has lost 10 ounces in only 2 months. I had a full senior blood panel done on her ( includes thyroid),I will get the results later today. I got her the antibiotic shot because I know it agrees with her. And I had them give her one dose of pain meds just in case she had any pain ( plus it makes her very happy ). I will keep you posted on everyone.

And here is the tummy shot you were promised. Joanie loves tummy rubs. 007

It’s Saturday, How About a Contest?

Happy Saturday everyone!  I wish every day was like today, it is 58 degrees ( it is going to warm up a little)-I like being chilly. I have another contest to announce, but first, a product to tell you about.

One day when I was in Staples with my mom, I spotted this cute tape dispenser. 001I asked my mom to get it for me for Christmas, but she got it for me that day ( yes, I am a brat). I couldn’t find one listed on Staple’s website, but I found one here:

Now for the contest- now that the weather is cooler, I have been thinking about baking. Hopefully, you are too because I have this adorable cat spatula and 2 cat cookie cutters as a prize along with a couple crocheted pumpkins for the kitties. 002003To enter, please follow us on Twitter: If you already follow, consider yourself entered and if you don’t have Twitter then just leave a comment on here. Thank you for reading this blog.