I’m Allergic to Cats!

Hi everyone! I recently found out that I am allergic to cats. I am a little suspicious of the allergy testing process, but I agreed to try the shots because my insurance will cover the cost. For the past year, I have been getting a lot of sinus infections so my Doctor suggested the allergy testing. They injected 6 places on each arm, some of the spots got a little red, but not swollen so I figured I wasn’t allergic to anything. Then the allergist came in and said all the red spots were positive and I am allergic to dust, 2 kinds of mold, trees and cats.

Of course I have no intention of keeping them out of the bedroom or bathing them twice a week. Clearly a non cat lover came up with those guidelines. Once the serum is ready, I will get a shot weekly for 5 months and then monthly for 4-5 years. Has anyone ever gone through this process? And if so, does it help? I welcome any information you have to offer.

Right after I found out that i was allergic to cats, I received an email telling me about a link to Hypoallergenic Cats. I looked it over and was not going to share it because of the suggestion to keep cats out of the bedroom, but the writer explained to me that was there as a solution instead of getting rid of them altogether. There is a wealth of information on the site.

DSCF2088 Joanie wants to show off her tummy floof.

DSCF2113 (2) Phoebe is here to announce the winner of her movie contest. There were 4 with the correct answers: Pipo and Minko, Joan R., Four-Legged Furballs and Billy the Time Cat. Good job! We wish we could give to everyone but we only have one prize set so we had to do a raffle and the winner is: Joan R. -Congratulations!!!!