I’m Allergic to Cats!

Hi everyone! I recently found out that I am allergic to cats. I am a little suspicious of the allergy testing process, but I agreed to try the shots because my insurance will cover the cost. For the past year, I have been getting a lot of sinus infections so my Doctor suggested the allergy testing. They injected 6 places on each arm, some of the spots got a little red, but not swollen so I figured I wasn’t allergic to anything. Then the allergist came in and said all the red spots were positive and I am allergic to dust, 2 kinds of mold, trees and cats.

Of course I have no intention of keeping them out of the bedroom or bathing them twice a week. Clearly a non cat lover came up with those guidelines. Once the serum is ready, I will get a shot weekly for 5 months and then monthly for 4-5 years. Has anyone ever gone through this process? And if so, does it help? I welcome any information you have to offer.

Right after I found out that i was allergic to cats, I received an email telling me about a link to Hypoallergenic Cats. I looked it over and was not going to share it because of the suggestion to keep cats out of the bedroom, but the writer explained to me that was there as a solution instead of getting rid of them altogether. There is a wealth of information on the site.

DSCF2088 Joanie wants to show off her tummy floof.

DSCF2113 (2) Phoebe is here to announce the winner of her movie contest. There were 4 with the correct answers: Pipo and Minko, Joan R., Four-Legged Furballs and Billy the Time Cat. Good job! We wish we could give to everyone but we only have one prize set so we had to do a raffle and the winner is: Joan R. -Congratulations!!!!



  1. You are always a wealth of information. I think people should research and educate themselves, in order tomake an educated decision, especially about health.

    Your test results were much like my long ago results. I am allergic to dogs. I was told to get rid of my pets. Umm…no. The shots triggered my migraines. I decided to treat symptomatically, and use exposure to increase immunity. Basically what shots do. I still use inhalers and do have issues, but I would anyway. Trees, pollen, mold, etc. I cannot live in a bubble.

    Listen to your doctor. Educate yourself. Ask questions. Listen to your body.

    Hugs, my friend.

    1. I wish I could live in a bubble- with the cats πŸ™‚ I will try the shots and see how they make me feel and go from there. I can always take zyrtec or allegra. XO

  2. My human grew up with allergy shots as her way of life, all through elementary school! She still remembers the testing – she had needles stuck all up her spine, and the doctor even put shots in her wrists, as she recalls. She says the doctor drew bunny rabbits in Mercurochrome on the inside of each wrist (this probably dates her). She was allergic to a bunch of stuff apparently, and had to go weekly for her allergy shots for years and years. She doesn’t know if they worked or if she just outgrew the allergies when she got older, but she is not allergic to much anymore… although a few years ago she did develop a serious allergy to all NSAIDs! She should be wearing a bracelet for that, it’s that bad. At least it’s not cats!

    1. Me too Summer’s Human. I had a terrible emergency with swollen tongue and throat. I am deathly allergic to NSAIDS.

    2. Your poor human, that must have been traumatic for her as a child. I am glad she isn’t allergic to cats. πŸ™‚

  3. My auntie is allergic to cats. But she has always had them. Her main plan of action is to always wash her hands after petting before touching her face. Other than that she treats the symptoms. She’d never get rid of her babies!! We hope you feel better!!

    1. Same here, I would NEVER get rid of them or even keep them out of the bedroom. Good idea to wash hands although Sammy sleeps on my head so I will just suffer.

  4. I have allergies to cats too…MOL! And a lot of other allergies too.
    I did shots for a few years, they did help a bit, but now I have developed many new ones, to things that in years past did not bother me at all. Wat strange machines our bodies are.

    While cats in general cause me trouble, the Oriental types do not…I don’t know why.

    Concats to the winner of the mat and toys.
    We are bummed cause we wanted to have two of your mats…one for each of us so we don’t have to share all the time, MOL!! (So we’ll try another time…)

    1. That is funny that you are not allergic to the oriental kitties. I hope the shots help me, but if not, there is zyrtec. XO

  5. Oh dear……tough when you have a house full of cats to be allergic to them BUT through the years I’ve known a lot of people who were allergic to cats who have done the shots and told me it works great. I hope it does for you too!!!! Concats to the winner on your contest – Mom and Dad aren’t big movie fans or I would have MADE them enter your contest cuz I’m sure they would know the movie quotes. DARN DARN DARN!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. I hope the shots work πŸ™‚ Sorry your folks aren’t movie fans πŸ™ XO

  6. OH no Ellen. I sure do hope the shots work quickly and purrfectly to make your symptoms more manageable. Sinus infections are the PITS for sure.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. I think I was allergic to cats 17 years ago when I moved in with my future wife and her son’s cat. I had a hard time breathing through my nose at night. Fortunately, having cats is like getting a daily allergy shot and I was mostly better in a year or two.

    1. I wonder why I am getting more allergic instead of less when I live with so many. Glad you are no longer allergic πŸ™‚

  8. That is too bad about being allergic to cats. I had allergy shots during my whole child hood and then out grew the allergies. I think the shots will help you. Also you have been living with this for a long time, so it just might be something you have to just live with.

  9. My husband is allergic to cats and he started taking weekly shots after Niko came home to live with us. He said it has helped him manage a lot! I hope it will help you, too πŸ™‚

  10. I’m currently getting allergy shots. And no, I’m not allergic to cats, though my husband is, which is why both cats get a weekly bath (Mr. M is resigned to this, Purrseidon thinks they should be daily.)
    I’m allergic to dust mites, airborne pollen and dogs. The first 2 give me a lot of grief, but after about 6-7 weeks of shots, I realized I could breath a bit better, so I think they are helping.
    My allergy doctor said that during the shot phase, it was okay for me to continue taking Kirkland Allerclear (according to my sister’s pharmacist, the tiny tablets are less than $20 per year and equivalent to prescription strength Claritin)…. my sister is also allergic to cats, which is why she chose to live with 3 Siberian tiger cats.

    1. I was told I can take zyrtec, allegra or anything like that too. We don’t have a Kirkland, I wish we did. Poor Mr. M, he must hate the baths. πŸ™

  11. Well, I bet you were a bit shocked to hear those allergy test results. I’ve never had a full allergy test done, but my doctor thinks I’m allergic to a whole slew of airborne allergens, possibly cats. I don’t receive shots for allergies, but I do take various over-the-counter and prescription allergy and sinus medications round-the-clock. My furbabies are allowed anywhere and everywhere in the house, so it looks like I’ll be taking these meds my whole life. But that’s perfectly fine with me! I can’t imagine life without my furry ones.

    I hope your shots go well! Let us know how they go for you, and how well they work. I sure hope they give you relief from those allergies!

    And, congrats to Joan R.! Purrs!

    1. Same here, I would rather suffer than part with my babies. I will let you know how the shots go in case you want to try them. I am lucky that insurance covers them.

  12. I think I’m allergic but thankfully, it’s not bad enough that I need treatment for it. I can’t imagine keeping Bear out of my bedroom regardless … I sleep best with him there. Then again, I agree that it’s better than not being able to have cats at all. I can’t even fathom that!

    1. I sleep best with Sammy purring on my head πŸ™‚ How nice of Bear to share his bed with you πŸ™‚

  13. Our Mom is allergic to us too. Not officially – no testing done – but she knows she is. And doesn’t care. Although she does take OTC Flonase and that really helps a lot. She will not 1. Get rid of us!!!! Seriously?? or 2. kick us out of the bedroom. We’re a family.

  14. My sister had allergy shots for five years (monthly) when we were young. They did help. I’ve also read that wiping down the cats weekly with a damp towel can help (to remove dander).

    1. Good to know they did work. I may try that with the cats that sleep with us.

  15. Yikes! Our mom does not envy you with all those planned shots. She is also a really big baby about needles. She would try to find a solution with duct tape or twist ties first.

  16. conga rats two all de winnerz & two Joan R !! de food servizz gurl iz blezzed
    two onlee bee alurgix two just one thing…..werk…sadly therz noe shot for it.. her sayz…. til her reechez 65~~~~~ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯

  17. I’m betting that your jaw dropped a mile when you were told that you are allergic to cats! They may as well told you that you are a space alien! Wait a minute…cats ARE space aliens…hmmm, what does that say about you, Ellen? Well…anyway…I guess knowledge is power, and now you have a plan of action.

    1. I was shocked being that I live with so many and it isn’t like I am sneezing all the time. πŸ™‚

  18. Lamento sobre sua alergia, eu sei como Γ© desconfortΓ‘vel.
    Espero que o tratamento dΓͺ bons resultados para vocΓͺ, alguns anos atrΓ‘s eu
    precisei fazer vacinas para combater alergia Γ  poeira e tive um Γ³timo resultado.

    1. Obrigado, estou feliz por eles trabalharam para vocΓͺ. Espero que eles faΓ§am para mim tambΓ©m.

  19. Keep their littler boxes clean. That’s very helpful.

    I’m allergic to cats too, but I don’t seem to have a problem of late. I’ve been around lots of kitties and have touched and loved on them without the usual side effects. I think I may have outgrown the allergy. It was back in the 80s when I had my test. I was only allergic to cats. Bugger.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    1. Our bodies change every so many years, I guess yours changed for the better and mine for the worst.

  20. ConCats to da winner, they are gonna luv their new mat and toys. As fur da allergy shots, we don’t really know anythin’ ’bout those, ‘cept dat it’s a needle, and we don’t like needles. Speakin’ of those things, don’t mention it, but Raena has to go in fur her last set this week. She’s not gonna be a happy kitty dat day. We do hope they help you tho’. Seems anypawdy who ever takes those tests is ‘lergic to cats, so surely somepawdy can offer ya’ some help there. Anyways, we’s sendin’ purrayers and hugs.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Thank you, I hope they work. And I hope Raena’s shots go well ( I won’t tell her ). XO

    1. Thank you I don’t have a lot of symptoms besides getting sinus infections quite often. I will try the shots to see if they help.

    1. I haven’t missed any days, thank you for caring though. I hope my RSS feeds are working, a while ago they stopped and I had no idea how to fix them.

  21. MY sister (a vet who works at a cat clinic!!) and I are both allergic to cats. They suggested shots and I tried them when I was young but found very little difference for the amount of time and effort it took. Now when my reaction gets really bad (sinus issues, itchy eyes) I take a prescription strength Reactine and a prescription nose spray called Omnaris – they seem to help much better than shots ever did. My parents were also allergic but basically we just all ignored it! My cats still sleep with me every night! Let me know what you decide!

    1. Thank you for letting me know how they effected you. I have a nose spray and I was told to take allegra, but I don’t every day and I don’t feel bad, just a little stuffy.

  22. I’m allergic to cats,dogs,and Speedy, dust,pollen and hay plus I have to be careful with beauty products and house hold products too.I don’t have shots but take tablets and eye drops. We vacuum a lot too. But no way would I stop having pets,xx Rachel

  23. Hurrah fur Lady Joan winnin thee contest!!! Shee iss a berry clevurr lady!
    An Phoebe yur lookin xtra adoorabull today! An Joanie yur tummy floof looks berry soft……
    Lady Ellen yur ALLERGICK to KATSS??? That iss crazey!!!
    LadyMum iss all so allergick to non Xotick breedss. that iss why shee has mee beein half Burmese mee doess not set her off. An neither did Nylablue or Mingflower befur mee…..
    ALL her other katss: Pyewacket; Cricket; Silky-Auburn, Muffin, Simpson an thee otherss all wayss made her sneeze, wheeze an gave her icky sticky eyess….butt shee tooked Aunty-hiss-tamine a lot…
    Mew mew mew…
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

    1. I do have itchy, sticky eyes. And a stuffy nose. I have a nose spray and allegra. I will try the shots though because they are free. XO

  24. I was severely allergic to cats as a child. Luckily for me, I (mostly) outgrew them. It probably had something to do with my sister getting a cat when we were teens. At the shelter, I’ll sometimes have a reaction to new cats’ dander (kittens, especially). I’m lucky in that Flonase works well enough for me.

    Good luck with the shots, Ellen. One of my rescue friends got them for years (she is a cat lover, too), and did really well. She’s not allergic anymore. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the rescue friend, I hope the shots work well for me like they did for her πŸ™‚

  25. Well, that’s a bummer. But we’re glad to hear you don’t plan to not have cats…like what some people would do. We don’t have any experience with allergy shots…but we hope they work for you.

  26. I’m allergic to everything too. Went through the shots for several years. The last few years I’m no where near as bad as I used to be. After finding out what I was allergic to as a little girl at my next appointment the doctor asked if we still had our cat. Really? I’m allergic to grass too…did that mean I could no longer go outside??? Life without cats was not and will never be an option.

    1. I can do that, bit they seem to all make me tired so I will try the shots.

  27. Years ago, David was itching and forever coughing like he had tuberculosis or something else horrible. He was found to be highly allergic to cats, which is horrible enough. He was offered anti-histamines which would have kept him sleepy all the time. He said “to heck with it” and did nothing to treat the allergies and didn’t get rid of the cats. After a few years, the allergy blew itself out (his words) and now he is fine around cats. So, maybe there is the possibility for you also for it to work itself out over time. I hope you’re going to be okay.
    Have a blessed day…and the kitties are adorable. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. I am glad you didn’t give up the cats because of David’s allergies. Most antihistamines make me sleepy even if they say non drowsy. My nose spray helps though and i will try the shots.

  28. I’m sorry to hear that you are allergic, Ellen. Our grown up daughter used to give her long haired cat a bath every Saturday. I don’t know which was worse; the allergy symptoms or all the weekly scratches! Hope the shots help you.

    1. I would definitely be covered in scratches if I tried to bathe any of my cats :)XO

  29. Mommy said she is allergic to me now. Took years but finally she is. But I am snuggled in bed with her every night.

    1. I am sure she doesn’t mind suffering for your love just like I don’t mind. I am going to try the shots though.

  30. Oh my gosh, what a horrible thing to be allergic to!!! Sounds like it may be mild since they only got a little red with no swelling? I had that test and came back mildly allergic to maple and box elder trees. I do notice that when the maples are doing something (blooming, making their little airplane things, sapping) that I have more problems with my sinuses, but it’s not enough to worry about. Over the counter stuff works ok enough for me.
    My husband though, he has TERRIBLE allergies to grass, mold, dust and some other things I can’t remember. He had that test on his whole back, not just the arms, and he about went nuts with some of the reactions. So much that they had to wipe some off before time was up because of how severe they were. He went the shot route and wow! What a huge difference! He could cut the grass and not even sniffle! Yes, it took a while to get to that point, but he did really well on the shots. He stopped taking them because he got too busy to get in there three times a week, 20 minutes at a time (they have to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction). I think he should restart them because they did him so much good.

    1. Three times a week is a lot- yikes. Good to know they do help, I agree your husband should get them again if they are so helpful, it is worth the time commitment. I was told I have to wait 40 minutes the first time and 30 minutes after that so 20 minutes sounds great. :)Thank you for your input.

  31. I hope if you try the shots, they work for you. My husband and I are both allergic to cats. My husband found out after he was already taking allergy shots as an adult. The doc added what Larry called his “Thunder Cat shot” and he says it helped (this was before we met). I was also an adult when I found out I am allergic. My doctor tested my blood (IeG test?) and said on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the worst, I was at a 3. She advised me to find my cat (Waddles) another home. I, of course, refused. I also have never kept my cats out of the bedroom. I took allergy shots as a child, but those were for seasonal allergies, not cats. I do fine without the shots. If I am in an enclosed space like my vet’s exam room, without a good ventilation system, I start sneezing and coughing and have itchy eyes. But I don’t have problems in normal day to day living with my kitties. If one of them scratches me, it will hive up, but nothing serious. I take Zyrtec and Benadryl when I need allergy medicine. But I am allergy to a lot of things–mold, grass, ragweed, trees, tree nuts, etc. and would take allergy medicine even if I wasn’t around cats. So I live happily with my kitties! Good luck with this and please keep us posted.

    1. Same here, I will never part with my kitties or keep them out of the bedroom. And Sammy still sleeps on my pillow. πŸ™‚ It drives me crazy when they suggest getting rid of a beloved pet like they are things.

  32. So sad. I can’t imagine being allergic to my kitties, but I admit sometimes I think I might Ooverdose on a little too much cat hair. Hope the shots work!

  33. Mum has mild allergies ,not enough to get shots.
    She seems to have outgrown some of the allergies.
    We purr shots work for you.Maybe you won’t need the whole series?
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  34. Me too! I was tested when I had anaphalaxis 15yrs ago, and I am highly allergic to cats, dogs, mold, pollen, trees, grass, corn and dust. I just laughed since I live right in the middle of the midwest in farm country with all of my animals. Oh yes, horses too which I grew up with!

  35. My mother has always been allergic to cats, but other than the fact that she doesn’t allow our guy to sleep on her pillows and needs to avoid rubbing her eyes, she handles it with some simple allergy medication. I wonder if I should look into the shots for her.

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