Flea problem, Capstar to the Rescue

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend. I am busy planning Joanie and Sammy’s birthday party. I can’t believe they are going to be 9-I guess that is because I didn’t get them until they were almost 5. I wish I had them all along as they are such sweeties.

Today is product day and as you all know we battled the fleas this summer. When Frontline didn’t work we went on to Simple Guard which was great. One other item that was amazing was Capstar which is a pill that once taken will kill all fleas on the cat for 30 minutes. I was amazed at how well it worked, 2 of our cats had the biggest infestations and you could see the flea corpses falling off them. I think this is great for a start because it takes a little time for topical products to kick in. Capstar is safe to use every day, but I only used it once. Here is the technical info: http://www.capstar.novartis.us/ . It is a little pricey at $12 a pill, but very worth it to kill those little suckers.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Phoebe will be writing the blog tomorrow. 007

Sew a Catnip Mat for Your Cat

It’s Monday again already. I made a big mistake yesterday and left the vacuum on the enclosed porch last night without emptying and flea spraying it. Then I let Millie and Penny out there this morning and when MIllie came back in, I could spot 3 on his white fur-arghhh! Luckily, he didn’t have a capstar pill yet so he will be getting one today.

Today is fun and games day. About 6 months ago I learned how to use my sewing machine so I could make cat toys, beds, etc. I made a mat by cutting two rectangles about 12 inches by 20 inches and placing them so the printed side is inside then I added a piece of quilting batting in between and sewed around 3 sides ( about an inch in). After that I turned it inside out ( so the printed side showed) and added catnip. Then I stitched all around 3 and a half sides ( 1/4 or 1/2 inch in from the edge). I didn’t do all 4 because I left space for a velcro piece to refresh the catnip. It only took about 15 minutes: 009. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can always let your kitties play Twister instead: play5Good job Phoebe, left paw blue and butt on red 🙂

Have a nice day everyone!

Capstar, Contest Winner and Tallulah’s Story

Happy Sunday everyone! I really hate to use the f-word on a Sunday, but yesterday we still had some Fleas on the cats. Turns out there is a magic pill called Capstar that kills them all in 30 minutes. You still need another treatment because it only works for 30 minutes, but boy does it work. We had treated everyone with Frontline, but there must have been a new hatch or something.

Today is every cat has a story day and I will tell you about Tallulah. She showed up in our yard in 2005 and was friendly from the start so she was obviously a drop-off. For some reason, people seem to think if they leave a cat by a barn it will be all set. Luckily, at our barn they are, but that is not always the case. Tallulah looks just like Jinx and when I first spotted her, I thought he had escaped as he was a bit of an escape artist in his younger years. She has always been a sweetie and we have never had a problem with her. She is one of Polar Bear’s 2 wives- he is deaf and likes to have them help him. Tallulah2

And now the information you have been waiting for—-the winner of the catnip ice cream cone and petsitter list is: Peggy Humes Hollenbach- Congratulations!!! I will contact you soon for your address. I also chose a new winner for the Catnip cat sign because the original winner never got back to me with her address. The new winner is Abner Doublebear- Cogratulations to you too! Thank you to all who liked my Facebook page and spread the word, I truly appreciate your help. I will announce another contest soon.