Big Book Sale

Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day–for me 🙂 I am off to the biggest book sale of the year ( driving distance from me). My Mom and I are going to Newtown, CT where they have an annual book sale with 120,000 books. It started Saturday so there won’t be quite that many books, but today is half price day. I will be searching for cat books to use in our giveaways.

Do you like book sales? If you do, you can check out :   for book sales in your area. I usually find one or 2 books to sell on or Amazon that end up paying for all my other purchases.

Be sure to comment today for a chance ( or another chance) to win a shark hat and some catnip toys ( 2 fishies and a chicken leg).


Tomorrow is Phoebe’s 12th Gotcha Day so please stop by. She will be sharing the poem that her purrince wrote for her.