1. Oh, how many times can we fall in LOVE…and Friday in that tent just knocked mama’s heart up a notch, well, not to mention all the other notches that knocked today.

  2. All of you are sweet and gorgeous. Tuffy, you seem to be really calmed down now. Love your name! It was apt!

  3. Nice ussies! And I (Marley) will mention that I came to this forever home through a shelter and through a Lady who didn’t want me as a gift (allergies, she said). The shelter was scary. Some kitties left in plastic bags. TBT rescued me…

  4. Awww, I’m especially glad Tuffy seems to have made a friend in Brody, and it’s good to see Elvira and Friday keeping each other company.

    I’m not sure I would have recognized Rudy dressed only in his own furs if you hadn’t pointed out who it was. He’s so good to model so often, and so is Rusty.

    Tell the ladies and Gremmie I do thank them for the reminder.

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