Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

First up is Joanie, she wants you all to see the dress she got for The Great One.

Sammy is still wearing the chef’s hat because he got to assist Chef Teddy again- to see their latest creation, click here. 

Sammy also wants his friend Katie to see you can still smile even if you had to have a fang removed.

Here is the Olaf cheeseball I made for Typhoid Mary’s party:

I made one back in 2018 for The Great One’s 3rd birthday party:

I see now that I shouldn’t have added the pecans on my latest one.  🙂





  1. Joanie, we bet the Great One will love that dress. And Sammy — nice smile!

    That Olaf cheese ball looks yummy.

  2. Nice selfies from Joanie and Sammy! I got a chef’s hat (and apron)! I can’t wait to show them off – video to come.

    1. Thank you. A hat and apron- he is jealous. I can’t wait to see you. XO

  3. Those are nice selfies. Sammy, you are thoughtful to show Katie she can still smile after having her fang removed.

  4. Well done selfies you guys….and Sammy – thanks for helping Teddy out with the BACON-EXTRAVAGANZA post yesterday. Hope the birthday party was tons of fun!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. Sammy, thank you. That was just the confidence booster I needed! I’ll post pictures of me smiling as soon as I can make mom help me out. Oh and Joanie…where in the world dd you find that perfect kitty dress for The Great One? And Sammy, I didn’t know you were Teddy’s assistant Chef! Concatulations! And thank you.

    1. We can’t wait to see you smile. The dress is from Walmart- $5. XO

  6. Even if it did not look the same, i am sure the cheeseball was delicious.

    Joanie, you have excellent taste in dresses, The Great One should enjoy that.

    Sammy, you are a wonderful Chef, and your smile is contagious!

  7. Joanie, you chose a very pretty dress. Sammy, love the selfie and you did another great post with Teddy.

  8. Lovely selfie Joanie, I’m sure The Great One will love the dress. Sammy, you are the cutest little furry chef! I say keep the pecans, what’s a cheese ball without pecans?

  9. Joanie you picked a really nice dress she will like it. Sammy we saw your and Teddys Bacon Creation and Dad is shopping for the goodies this week. Thanks for showing Katie it is ok with one fang. I have none and only Einstein has both at our house. Dad says he thinks Olives are a better choice. Great post friends

    1. Thank you. Sammy is glad you like the recipe. Sounds like you kitties have lost a lot of fangs too. XO

  10. Hey dear ones…I’m very late in dropping by but
    OMCs we had a surprise road trip today, just got home. I will write about it on Thankful Thursday

    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Yummy cheeseball – we LOVE cheese. And we bet the Great ONe looks very cute in her new dress.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Joanie, you picked a terrific dress! Sammy, you Maple Bacon is epic! As is your smile! We know Katie will appreciate seeing you have a missing fang too and terrific Olav Cheese Ball! I bet it was a hit! It looks marvellous! We hope you guys have a marvellously happy week.

  13. The dress for The Great One is perfect… little kitties. Sammy had a great recipe and Teddy and Sammy are a great Chef duo! The cheeseball is a great idea and I just know it is delicious. It looks like Gremmie may have given Joanie a little help with the selection of the dress.

  14. Mee-yow wow Miss Ellen mee apawlogizess fore not leevin a commint beefore….wee reedin yore bloggie butt sumhow a sirtian LadyMew furgot to commint.
    *shakess head*
    Anywhose wee think Joanie’ss mew dress iss kewl. An Sammy you look adoorabell inn yore Cheffie hat an you have a grate smile….who needss 2 fangss rite???
    An Miss Ellen yore Cheezeball creeation lookss guud….are kittiess alloud to try sum?? 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

    1. Thank you. The kitties can’t have any because it has Lipton onion soup mix in it. XO

    1. My sewing skills are not that good. I got it at Walmart-only $5. 🙂

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