Snowflakes in July

Hi everyone. Before we get started, I want to give my condolences to Summer, Boodie and their human on the loss of Binga. I always loved to see Binga in a post, usually interrupting a photo shoot. She was a tortie with tortitude and will be missed by all. She was also a founding member of The Crotchety Cougars. To visit her family,click here.

This week, I am joining Create with Joy’s Inspire me Monday and Comedy Plus’ Awww…. Mondays.

Β  Joanie is posing with the book of patterns that IΒ  have been using to make snowflakes. My goal is to make at least one of each before Christmas. 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio is divided into 3 sections of difficulty. I am still on the easy ones. Below is a photo of the 24 I have completed plus all the duds. Some came out larger than they were supposed to( the duds) so I will use those as coasters. My mom got me this book for my birthday several years ago and I finally got brave enough to try the patterns.

Inspire Me Monday


  1. We are sad that Binga ran off to the Bridge. We always enjoyed Summer’s posts about Binga. It breaks our hearts when a cat runs off to the Bridge. We have all been there and know how much it hurts.

  2. We sure could need some snowflakes from you, Joanie…well…for yesterday and earlier, as it now has cooled down…MOL πŸ˜€ COOL Pawkisses for a Happy DayπŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž
    So sad about BingaπŸ’—πŸ‘Ό

  3. We were very sad about Binga too…..she will be missed for sure. The snowflake collection is growing AND becoming more colorful and interesting – what a FUN project!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Love the snowflakes! Crochet and knitting are something I love to see being done. It fascinates me.

    I will always and ever miss Binga. The humor on the blog that Binga brought ill be missed.

  5. What a talent!!! Pawsome work!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. I went over to Summer’s place and paid my respects.

    Awww on all the snowflakes. That’s awesome.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday. β™₯

  7. We too are so sorry to read that Binga was needed at the Bridge. She was our Mom’s favorite. We bet Angel Sparkle is happy to see her!

    Beautiful crocheted snowflakes!

  8. We’ll miss Binga, so sad. I love the snowflakes! This is the 2nd blog I’ve visited today that refers to Christmas – it is only July, right?! I’m jealous of folks that plan ahead, they get to enjoy it, not stress during it.

    1. Thank you. We can’t wait to be done with the hot summer. I like fall and winter.

  9. Ellen,

    The crocheted snowflakes look great! This sounds like a great project to try to finish before Christmas gets here. At this rate, the holiday season will be here in a blink of an eye. Have a safe & happy 4th, my friend!

  10. I’m sorry for the loss of Binga. ~hugs~ Good on you for working on this project! My great aunt gave up trying to teach me how to crochet as a kid. Heh… And how sweet to see Millie featured. Precious!

    1. My mom gave up on me and paid for me to have lessons at the library- I was already an adult πŸ™‚

  11. We were so sad to hear about Binga and have gone to give our respects.
    We love your snowflakes and look forward to seeing the end creation

  12. Joanie, you look wonderful posing with the book. We can’t wait to see when you complete the entire book of snowflakes. Thanks for the share. Have a fantastic day.

  13. If they were ‘real’ snowflakes around here, they’d melt long before touching the ground! We are very sad about Binga too.

  14. You are crocheting up a storm in the heat of summer, hope it helps to make you feel cooler! Petcretary made a sort of snowflake curtain years ago, there are 15 flakes on it, hΓ‘ going in rows, it fits in the large picture window here…but the kitties were always at it, so last winter was the first time in years that she had it hanging up…but it is not really any kind of a showpiece, MOL!

    So very sad indeed about Binga. It is so hard when our fur babies have to leave us…

    1. I have enough to make a curtain too πŸ™‚ Very sad about Binga. XO

  15. You are making such pretty flakes, are you going to use them to decorate a tree?

    My condolences to everyone who loved Binga.

  16. Binga’s passing hit us hard. Even Pop cried. She had ‘tude just like me.
    Nice snowflakes. I’m glad you finally decided to try them.

  17. Our purrs and prayers are with sweet Binga’s family.

    I love that you’re going to make one of each kind of crocheted snowflake by Christmas. You certainly have the talent for it!

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