ROAR for Boris Kitty ( he has Chylothorax)

Hi everyone! Today is ROAR day and I had a tough time narrowing it down to one charity. I wish I could afford to help more than one place a week and I someday hope to do so. I was going to donate to Neponsett Valley Humane Society because they helped Phoebe ( her story will be featured on Sunday). This week is her anniversary ( also known at Gotcha day).

This week’s ROAR goes to: This poor kitty named Boris has a condition called Chylothorax which is fluid in the lungs. I am thankful that I have never heard of this condition until now and my heart goes out to Boris who will never be fully cured. His family has a fundraiser page set up because he requires a lot of treatment and always will.  I am sorry that I could only give $10 to his cause, but if everyone that reads about him gave something, it would really add up.

I am going to keep this short today, but I will leave you with a photo of Phoebe:021She is taking up crocheting in her old age.




  1. Thanks for sharing photo of Phoebe, I like a bit of wool or string to play with myself. Off to look at Boris’ site.

  2. Oh, crocheting is much easier on the old paws than tatting doilies any day. Or so says our Ruby. Unfortunately, we know too much of Chylothorax. Purrs to Boris and a little help toward his fund.

    1. Thank you Amanda- you are too with the elderly ones you have saved.

  3. Hi. We just heard about you from the Florida Furkids and wanted to stop by and say hello. We’ll start purring for Boris Kitty.

    Truffle and Brulee

  4. Yes, Boris is a real sweetheart and every penny counts! By the way, we’re new to your blog and just love it. Fantastic header! What a wonderful little fur family you have 🙂

  5. We were sorry when Boris got sick. He has done so much to help other kitties. Glad he is getting some help now that he needs it.

  6. What a great cause to support! I’m sure that no gift is too small to be helpful in this situation. He has my prayers and purrs for sure!

  7. We certainly send Boris lots and lots of purrs. Poor thing, that sounds awful Chloe, sure is nice to see you. Chloe is one of our favorite names. We are so glad to meet all of you. It is great to know someone else who has a lot of cats like us. Hope you have a great day.

  8. Thank you so much for the ROAR and the donation. It is very appreciated as ma vet bills just keep goin up.

    I also work hard at tryin to halp shelter kittehs so if you prefer you can donate to ma favorite kitteh rescue One by One Cat Rescue. Linky fur dem iz on my site!

    1. I already donated to you Boris, but I will keep One by One Cat Rescue in mind for a future ROAR. Thanks for writing 🙂

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