Sammy’s Busy Day

Hi everyone! Today we are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. I used ribbet to edit  photos for my Sammy to attend two parties today.

First, he is off to help harvest the bacon crop at Teddy and Angel Sammy’s house.

Then he is off to Boris’  7th Annual Sci-fi Party. It goes from 11AM -11PM and Sammy definitely wants to be there at 9PM for when Stunning Keisha will be the DJ. There are going to be all kinds of cool prizes including a Cat Lady Box. It is all happening on Twitter, here is a link to Boris’ site so you can check the prizes, DJ’s and even donate to his charity that helps lots of cats in need. It is a Sci-fi theme so Sammy is dressed up as an alien from one of my favorite Sci-fi movies- does anyone know which movie?


Two Perfect 10’s

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day and my first ROAR is to wish a happy 10th birthday to Joanie and Sammy. 005

I wish I had them all 10 years, but I didn’t adopt them until May 2010. It breaks my heart to know they had a 3rd sibling that was adopted before I got there.

There are so many cats in need out there. One is a cat named Ghost that was adopted by a couple that was homeless themselves and chose to share the few resources they have with this loveable guy. For GHOST and Family

And we donated to Boris the cat who is always raising money to help kitties in need, there is a youcaring fund located here: Boris

Phoebe will be here tomorrow, but she will probably be mad that she has to share a post with me.

ROAR for Boris Kitty ( he has Chylothorax)

Hi everyone! Today is ROAR day and I had a tough time narrowing it down to one charity. I wish I could afford to help more than one place a week and I someday hope to do so. I was going to donate to Neponsett Valley Humane Society because they helped Phoebe ( her story will be featured on Sunday). This week is her anniversary ( also known at Gotcha day).

This week’s ROAR goes to: This poor kitty named Boris has a condition called Chylothorax which is fluid in the lungs. I am thankful that I have never heard of this condition until now and my heart goes out to Boris who will never be fully cured. His family has a fundraiser page set up because he requires a lot of treatment and always will.  I am sorry that I could only give $10 to his cause, but if everyone that reads about him gave something, it would really add up.

I am going to keep this short today, but I will leave you with a photo of Phoebe:021She is taking up crocheting in her old age.