Nosey Rosie’s Tips 44


Hi everyone I am coming to you live from my house. I am risking my life to show you a peek at the fort mom built with The Great One and Typhoid Mary. They brought their sleeping bags and Grammie brought them these cool lanterns, And they told ghost stories and made smores. nd Friday pretended to be a wild cat breaking into their tent.


Fridy had her birthday party. She got cards, a catnip banana and her very own box of tissues ( she likes to set them free) . I like to see tissues free too, but Grammie never got me my own box.

I think mom has totally lost her mind. As you know, she bought The Potato Head’s a castle last week. Well, being that it is a castle she ordered a Princess Potato Head on Ebay.

That money would have been better spent on catnip and cat treats.

Poor Emmy was supposed to have her specialist appointment today, but it got changed to next week. Mom wants to find out how much the liver growth has grown over 3 months. Emmy seems a little more tired all the time. And some days mom has to put stuff in her ear to make her eat.

Well, I am hiding in preparation for their return on Wednesday morning. It is going to be another long day of hiding



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  1. Rosie, I am sorry you feel the need to hide when those two little girls come to visit and have playtime with your Mom.

    That Princess Potato is sweet! I think she’ll rule her castle with a French-fried Hand, LOL! LOL! Just kidding!
    I didn’t’ even know they had so many different Potato head figures! Amazing!

    Sending love and hugs to Emmy and lots of POTP.
    And more hugs to all of you!

    1. The Princess Potato has a frog in one hand. 🙂 Thank you for the prayers for Emmy. XO

  2. Rosie, that’s quite a comprehensive roundup of household goings on! And you look so cute in your hiding spot! XO

  3. Oh, we hope your liver is okay!!! And what does mama put in your ear to make you eat…I think my mama wants to do that as I don’t have my usual appetite. Those little anthros are going to grow up so creative thanks to your mama…what an amazing mama.

  4. That was a great adventure for everyone! I am glad Friday enjoyed her birthday.
    I am sending more good thoughts for Emmy.

  5. Rosie there is never a dull moment at your house…..I think The Great One and Typhoid Mary keep all of you on your toes (or paws). I’m sure a tent and lanterns and ghost stories were a BIG HIT (at least with the humans). We do hope Emmy will be OK – AND we hope Friday enjoyed her birthday celebration!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. I just know how much fun that must have been with the fort and the smores. Lanterns and Grammie That was sweet of Friday to play like a wild cat with TGO and TM. It does sound like Friday had the bestest Birthday Party. A box of tissues to set free was a great present! It’s good that your Mom is enjoying the Potato Head’s castle and having fun with it! Fingers crossed and prayers for some good news for Emmy♥
    That was a lot of news with the Meowing Crew and TGO and TM. You are a good reporter Rosie… well done!

    1. Fun was had by all except me who was hiding. Thank you for the prayers for Emmy. XO

  7. Emmy…I want you to be making good good progress, sweetest girl. XXXXXXX
    Friday, Happy Birthday again and and your mom made it a special time for the two girls! That looks like enough fun that even my mom wishes she was there!

  8. Gee! Lots going on at your place! That is a pawsome fort!
    Sounds like a lot of FUN was had too 🙂
    Princess Potato Head…MOL! Sometimes ya just gotta have FUN!
    Purrs Emmy will feel better.
    Purrs, Julie

  9. We had a banana catnip toy. Once. Lucy, our dog, took it. 🙁
    I hope your day hiding is better than you anticipate.

  10. Rosie you did a fabulous job letting us know the scoop on everything! I know you are a wonderful sister and will look after Emmy! Sending purrs, prayers, hugs and love Emmy’s way! 🙂 <3

  11. Some kitties hide when there is company and some join the party. You’re all so cute.

    Healing hugs to Emmy.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. xoxo ♥

  12. We are purring for good results from Emmy’s next vet visit!
    Rosie, you know that you get everything that you ever want, so why not allow your meowmy to have her little whims now and again?

  13. Charlee: “You’re very brave, sneaking into that fort. You never know what you might find in one of those!”
    Chaplin: “We are sending lots of purrs for Emmy. We hope she gets good news!”
    Charlee: “Our Dada wonders if the Potato Head castle will ever have a dragon in it, but we know that’s just silly talk.”
    Chaplin: “Yeah, potatoes and fire don’t mix … Well wait, actually, they do mix. But only regular potatoes. Not Potato Heads.”

  14. Mee-yow Rosie what a busy place yore place iss!! Aunty Ellen made a FAB fort an those lanternss are snazzy kewl.
    It soundss like Friday was channelin her ‘inner Panfur’, mew mew mew….
    Happy Birfday Friday! You gotted lotss of neet giftss! HURRAH!
    Aunty you found a Purrincess Potatohead?? Way way kewl…….
    Mee iss sendin tripell POTP to deer Emmy…..pawss crossed shee will OKay an ot werser.
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Friday thanks you. Thank you for the potp for Emmy. They are planning to build a bigger and better fort tomorrow.. XO

  15. We are sending extra purrayers and POTP to Emmy. We are glad to hear about all the rest of you, and glad Friday has joined in the general merriment, but we know how it feels to have a sick kitties.

  16. Thanks for the updates Rosie. I’m keeping Emmy in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck tomorrow. Hope no one finds your hiding place.

    1. Thank you for the prayers for Emmy. They found my hiding spot today and had the nerve to touch me. XO

  17. Wow, so busy at your household, Rosie! I think it’s awesome. Your mom is simply amazing. And I’m sending best wishes for Emmy. Poor baby. xo

  18. Happy birthday Friday glad you are loved and settled in now ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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