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Hi everyone! I missed you all last week when Penny had her turn.

So, Gremmie has a new friend, A dragon named Saffire.

Actually, it belongs to mom. Grammie got it for her when they went shopping because mom is a giant child.

I looked back on my mom’s Facebook messenger and found photos her sister had sent her when she was planning to adopt two orange kittens. As you know, after her sister passed away, mom and dad adopted them. These are from when they were still with the breeder ( FYI: mom dislikes people that let their cats breed).

A pile of orange, they are in there somewhere.
Their mama feeding them.
Rusty looks like he is smiling.

This is the worst time of the year. My folks have the a/c on so I get no window whiffies.  And school is out for the summer which means I have a lot of hiding to do for the next two months. Of course, she is only having the girls over and Grammie will watch the boy at their house. Joanie is happy because she likes play dates.

I watched a good show last night, Nancy Drew. She is a detective like me , but she investigates scary stuff. I guess I do too because kids are pretty scary.

Us kitties gave our dad a card and a $2 scratch ticket for Father’s Day and he won $20.

Well, I am off to hide.  See you next week.

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.


  1. Good reporting, Rosie! Interesting, especially about the new dragon! Enjoyed the pics of the orange kitties though I do agree, spay and neuter the kitties whenever you have that opportunity. XO

  2. That looks like a cute dragon…she is friendly, we hope??!

    Those orange babies are cute. Nice that you have those pics.

    I saw a lot of way too cute kittens at our local cat shelter….sigh….it makes me have kitten fever, but with the prey drive Dalton & Benji have…its not a good idea… (MJF came into our home as a baby, and the adult cats were already there, so he was used to them from the start.)

    That was fun for your Dad to win 20$$ Is he going to buy you treats with that??

    I hope your Mom has loads fun with those girls she loves so much…maybe you’ll get used to them and learn to not be scared of them.

    1. Yes, he is friendly. Good idea not to have a kid if the pups are eager to hunt. Yes, she loves them a lot . XO

  3. Aren’t we all kids, Rosie? Mama thinks that one of the worse things that can happen to us is to lose our “kid” part of us, haha. And wow – 20 bucks for being a daddy! That’s a bargain.

  4. I have got the horrible feeling I clicked off without posting my comment. It was a long one too! I will check back tomorrow.

  5. WOW……lots to gab about this week Rosie……the “baby” photos of the kitties are soooooo cute. Hang onto your hat if your Mom is having the girls over for playdates this summer – I imagine you cats will be involved in some of their “projects” whether you like it or not! Thanks for the report – we always look forward to hearing the scoop on the Pilch Family!

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. Dear Rosie, thanks for the news update and the photos. That certainly was a pile of orange. It’s a good thing that Rusty and Rudy ended up at your house where they’re safe and loved. Now is your dad going to spend the $20 on cat food, that’s the big question.

    1. Thank you. Maybe he could get $15 worth of cat food and something for himself. 🙂 XO

  7. Rosie, so much good Gabfest going on! Saffire and Gremmie look good together and look to be friends. As I have said before, I love the child that is part of your Mom. I have a child in me too and it makes life interesting. Other people think I am just quirky and they don’t understand but the heck with them. Two smaller bundles of orange goodness… Rusty does look like he is smiling! I like Nancy Drew. Your Dad will have to figure out what he is going to do with that 20 bucks!

    1. Mom says quirky is good. They are way more fun than normal people. 🙂 XO

  8. Rosie, that was nice of you and your siblings to give Cat Daddy a scratch
    ticket for Father’s Day. Those are adorable pics of the orange kitties.

  9. Rosie, no one wants to lose their childishness; it’s what keeps up going!
    Am contemplating a dragon or wyvern tat, once I finish with my cat ink.

  10. Charlee: “Our Dada says Gremmie’s new dragon friend reminds him a little of some other dragon named Spyro. Maybe they know each other?”
    Chaplin: “Good job scoring your Dad a $20 scratch ticket! I think he should use the money to buy goodies for you guys.”
    Oona: “Oona does not know who this ‘Nancy Drew’ is but if she is a good detective, perhaps she could audition to be Oona’s sidekick.”
    Charlee: “Why does a so-called ninja need a sidekick?”
    Oona: “To do paperwork and stuff. Oona hears detectives are good at paperwork.”

  11. I love the dragon. I laughed out loud that mom is a giant child. Good one.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. XO ♥

  12. Mom has the worst luck with lottery tickets. If she bought 10$ worth, she might get 2$ back. And MY mommy can be a giant child too! She loves it.

    1. Mom never buys them for herself, only for gifts and she is a cheapo about that too-only buys $2. It is good to be a child. XO

  13. It’s good to hear from you, Rosie. Saffire is beautiful, and so were the boys, The Terrible Two! They don’t look so terrible as babies.

    Children aren’t really that scary once they get to the age where they know better than to chase or pull tails, you might try making friends instead.

  14. That’s great about the ticket! I love Nancy Drew, but have never watched the current show. An entire litter of orange kittens? I wonder if that’s unusual?

    1. You may not like it, it is different than the books- a lot of supernatural stuff. XO

  15. Cute photo of the orange boys. I think your Mom’s dragon is cute too. You did a great job at reporting, Rosie.

  16. Rosie! Rosie!! Purrtier than a Posey!
    Yore foto iss deevine.
    An Saffire Dragon iss a kewl Stuffie. Aunty Ellen you know BellaSita Mum bott herself a “Sammy Lammy” from Corner Shop last yeer. Shee meowed if mee cuud have mee Lammychop Stuffie; shee cuud have a Sammy Lammy Stuffie. Can’t argue with logick like that!! 😉
    Rudy an Rusty were so teeny tiny! Now they are THE Beastie Boyss! How they grow rite?
    An what a grate giftie for Unkell…. Winnin $20.~ allwayss makess Hu’manss happy…..
    So “Nancy Drew” show iss guud….wee wundered. When wee can get it inn Free Preeview; wee will watch it!
    Furabuluss post this week. An yeah you mite have to find a few new hidin placess over THE Summer mee Couzin!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

    1. Rosie thanks you. I am glad your mum has a Sammy Lammy. Nancy Drew was best the first year then it got really scary. but it is still good. It has a lot of supernatural in it. XO

  17. Hi Rosie. Those are some cute pics of Rudy and Rusty. I too am getting no window whiffies because of the cold air blowing thing. ~Ernie

  18. Rosie you will be on the move and darting about the next few months.
    I hope TGO and TM will use their inside voices. I know shrill squeals are a kitty’s worst nightmare
    Hugs cecilia

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