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Hi everyone! I have been very busy trying to get the scoop on Brody. He arrived in February 2016 which is way before I was born so I had to read some old blog posts and talk with Penny and Joanie, but I got all the details. 

Before I tell you about Brody, I have to tell you about the scare Penny gave mom. Mom was rubbing her tummy, Penny’s tummy, not her own. And she felt a bump so mom was in a big panic worrying about a tumor. Then mom felt it again a while later and realized it was a tick. Dad brings them inside sometimes on accident. Dad has had lyme disease 3 times from their bites, they seem to really like him.
OK, now the scoop on Brody. Mom was helping an elderly lady trap some ferals in her yard to TNR back in February of 2016.  The lady trapped him and when mom brought him to the shelter for get fixed, they told her he would be euthanized because he had an injury on his neck. The only way around this was to agree to keep him inside for several months. No way was mom going to let them kill him so she agreed to keep him inside. He had an ear infection so they tipped his right ear got tipped instead of the left. The wound on his neck started to swell a few days later so he had to have surgery to clean it up. He has a bald spot where that was.
At first, no one wanted to be his friend, so he was lonely until Trouble arrived in 2018. Now he has lots of friends. Mom wonders if he is a distant relative of our ferals because they came from the same yard 5 years later. 
Brody in the trap
Brody had a girlfriend named Leia, she was another blogger. He even bought her a house ( OK, it was a cardboard log cabin scratcher). He was devastated when she went to The Rainbow Bridge and has not dated since.
Some of you did remember his previous name. If you didn’t , you can click here to find out. 
Mom named him Brody because at the time my folks were watching a tv show, Homeland, with a character named Brody.
Brody is a cool cat. He never gives me any grief.
If anyone else has something they would like me to report on, just let me know in the comments.


  1. Comprehensive report on Brody, Rosie, and I love the pictures of him! I’m so glad your Mom kept him and helped him get well from the infection. And I’m glad that Penny and your Dad are well from the tick bites now. Ticks are such a nuisance! XO

  2. It was interesting to read Brody’s story. He was very lucky your mom adopted him, and yayy I remembered his original name!

  3. Well now – Brody had a tough time when he first became a Pilch-cat didn’t he. Mom says she didn’t know Brody had a girlfriend at one time but we’re sorry she went to the Bridge. There are some “unattached” girls there in your house but maybe they’re too close for comfort for Brody huh? Thanks for the scoop on him – my Mom thinks he’s adorable and I guess she’s right because Mom ALSO thinks I’m adorable and I KNOW she’s right about that! HAHAHAHAHA

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. He can’t date his sisters. 🙂 You and Brody are both adorable. XO

  4. Dear Rosie, you have so much to report on this morning. No one wants ticks. And the dreaded Lyme disease that your daddy had, that’s terrible. But I thank you for showing me pictures of Brody when he was young. And dear Brody I am so sorry you had such a rough beginning. We kitties that are left behind sometimes have to wait to find a good home. And you definitely got one. If you ever think you want a new girlfriend I might be the one for you. Precious

    1. Thank you. 🙂 If he ever dates again, he said it would be you, Precious. XO

  5. Daryl!! I didn’t know that. But I went to the link to see. I had missed that blog that day. His story is scary. Thank heaven you were there for him. And Rosie, no one reports like you do! And Penny. I would have been panicked if it had been Katie. Matter of fact, I was here a month or so ago. She has a hard place in her arm pit and turned out to be a tiny little mat! WHEW!

  6. Wow, the things we don’t know about your mama, nosy Rosie! And that sweet Brody turned out to be just a darling and I’m so glad he has friends now even if not a girlfriend. I’m always here, but I’m sort of infatuated with a ginger, but truth is,, I just played the field….great gabs today!

  7. Rosie thank you for the inside scoop on Brody. He is a fine feline to have as a friend.
    YIKES ticks are so scary and I fear with the warmer than normal winter bugs will be everywhere.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Your tick story reminds me of mine. Growing up the fields around us were sprayed (with a toxic substance that will probably kill me!) and we didn’t have ticks. I moved to a different state. One day my cat had a bunch of lumps on her. They were like skin tags. I took her to the vet. He laughed and pulled one off. She was infested with ticks. I had two cats at the time but only Magic got ticks.

    1. How odd only one got ticks. I wish they still sprayed-there are way too many ticks.

  9. Rosie, what a great report on sweet Brody and his journey into your household. And those pesky ticks can be a real nuisance.

  10. Chaplin: “Eww, ticks! This very morning, Dada woke up because a tick was crawling around on his nose at like 5am! He grabbed it and took it into the kitchen and burned it in the little metal tick-burning bowl.”
    Charlee: “Yes we do. The dogs bring them in here a lot. Nasty dirty things.”
    Java Bean: “Yeah, nasty dirty ticks!”
    Charlee: “Uh-huh …. Nasty dirty ticks. That’s EXACTLY what I meant.”
    Lulu: “Daryl the Feral! That is funny. Our Dada says there should be another feral named Daryl, and also one named Larry. I’m not sure what he is talking about …”

    1. Ick! That sounds awful. We flush our ticks. I remember that show. 🙂

  11. Poor Penny. I’m glad it was just a tick. Yikes on dad and ticks.

    I didn’t know all this about Brody. What a wonderful cat mom you are. I’ve always known that. Bless you.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  12. Oh Brody ~ you are a handsome kitty and love the story about Mom saving you ~ so glad ~ for sure ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor

  13. Mew mew mew Rosie a grate reeport! BellaSita had to click on old blog to reememburr Brody’ss tempyrary name an shee sayss you are BRODY for sure!
    Yore so hansum an seem sad. Mee thinkss yore lovely Brody…..

    An Penny you gotted a TICK? UCKY bitey sucky Tick!?!? Aunty Ellen mee hopess you got that off Penny an mushed it REEL GUUD!!!
    **shuddurss** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

    1. I flushed it. That is what we do with the ticks. Brody thanks you. XO

  14. Daryl! I thought it was Tubby! I also thought I was following the Meowing Crew when Brody came. But no, I missed so much about Brody. I am still looking to see when I started following. Pretty sure I found the Meowing Crew thru Sammy and Teddy’s blog. I know for sure I was following long before we moved to Florida in 2018. Rosie, good reporting and gabfesting. Thank you for the link! I am so happy Brody is part of the Meowing Crew and has a great Mom, Dad and Grammie!

    1. Yes, I thought you were following for a long time too, but we have had so many changes, we would understand if you forgot some of the details. XO

  15. Wow, I didn’t even know half of that about Brody – thanks Rosie!

  16. I’m glad to know more about Brody. He may look a lot like our Link Linker the Stinker, but Link might not be so friendly as Brody is. He’s not so quick to start trouble but he is quick to take offense, if you get what i mean.

  17. Rosie, we really enjoyed this post! First, we’re glad the bump on Penny was just a tick and not a tumor, even if ticks are pretty gross. And this here human remembers when Brody first joined your family, all the way back when he had his first name. We were all so glad when he found the purrfect forever home with your wonderful mom Ellen. She is the best! Purrs to all of you!

  18. Great post Rosie. I enjoyed reading about Brody. So glad your Mom was there to save him. He’s a beautiful boy.

  19. I’m glad the lump wasn’t cancer, but yuck. And I’m sorry your dad has been infected; how awful. My neighbor was spraying something around the foundation of their home while I worked in my garden yesterday. Turned out, the poor lady found a tic in their bed! Yuck again. One of their poor pups must have brought it inside, she said. Thanks for sharing about Brody. I enjoyed reading the 2016 post. 😀 Be well, my dears.

    1. Thank you. I was glad too even though I wasn’t thrilled about the tick. XO

  20. Brody is adorable. He would have found a home here too, under the circumstances. Glad it was just a tick on Penny, although she sounds luckier than her Dad.

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