Miracle Collars

Hi everyone ! A few of you knew what kind of collars Sammy and Brody had on in yesterday’s post because you have also used them.For those that didn’t know, I am eager to tell you because I like to share information that can help other cats.

My sweet Cat Scout, Sammy was getting to be very aggressive toward Brody. He has always chased him, but now he was making contact and getting Brody’s fur in his claws. He was also peeing on the bed once in a while too. Spraying Feliway helped a little, but not enough. Luckily, Teddy’s Mom, wrote to me about calming collars and how she heard they really work. I immediately called the local pet store, but they didn’t have any. After researching them online, good old Chewy had the best price of $12.98 for a 3 pack. I ordered them and they arrived in less than 24 hours.

The collars have phermones ( just like Feliway) and they also are lavender scented. I had read that lavender is calming, but I am sensitive top smells and was not thrilled by the scent. It was bearable though, I usually get an instant headache from scented candles, perfumes andΒ  scented cat litter, but this didn’t give me a headache. I checked the 3 brands sold by Chewy and all are basically the same so I went with the Sentry brand after reading the reviews.

I was just going to put one on Sammy, but my husband thought if Brody and Sammy smelled the same, it would help. Brody used to be a little too frisky and chased any cat that walked past him. He just wanted to play, but the other cats got nervous. I am happy to say they have both calmed down a lot.

On day one there was a big improvement, but Sammy still went after Brody. I think it was more of a habit though because he started to chase him then stopped like he was thinking, ” why am I doing this?” It has been over a week now and we have a peaceful home. I am thinking of trying them on some of the other cats too like Jinx who hates other cats and KaTwo who suffers from feline hyperesthesia. Maybe I should try one too for when I go to the crowded mall on a weekend.

They are supposed to last a month and I will continue for a few months then I will see if they behave without. Even if I have to buy them forever, they are well worth the expense. Has anyone else used them and if so, were you as pleased with the results?

*This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to spread the word about a great product.


  1. Wow, this sounds awesome! My human has heard of them but I don’t think she’s ever tried them.

  2. I will definitely be keeping these collars in mind. They sound like a great idea, and I’m so glad they’re helping Sammy and Brody live in harmony. Purrs!

  3. We are glad those are working so well for you all.
    We use the spray type pheromes sometimes with good effect.

    We giggled at the thought of your Mom wearing one at the mall, MOL! Maybe petcretary needs to wear one to her work…and maybe some of her resident…OMC!!!

    1. I think it would be great to have the oil diffusers at work with lavender , it would calm all your patients ( and workers too). πŸ™‚

  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that the collars are working on the boys. I’ve never heard a negative review of them either so here’s hoping this works. It’s always possible that once the “behaviors” are changed the collars won’t even be necessary…………As for you wearing one???? I think it might be best if you just plan your trip to the Mall for when they FIRST OPEN (no crowds) or last thing in the evening (fewer peeps). Tee Hee

    Love, Pam

    1. I am glad they are working too, I am so glad you told me about them. I was kidding about me, I usually go to the mall weekdays and early, but once in a while when my niece can go it is a Saturday and it gets busy. XO

  5. Thank you!!! These will be on my list to try, as EnigmaSissyCat does not seem to get along with any other cat but Mikey, and they all tend to gang up on Tripod SissyCat. We keep them all in separate parts of the house, but they sometimes get out, and i will see if the collars help.

    1. We have zones in our house too and I hope someday everyone could mix with the help of the collars πŸ™‚

  6. Calming collars! Super idea and I am so happy they are working. I have to agree that I think I could use one of them right now… I need some calming… LOL. I should just buy some lavender oils!

    1. I keep seeing little machines for sale that disperse the scented oils , you can get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I should get one too for a general calmness here. Meditation is good for people to feel less stressed too-I bet you can find some to listen to on youtube.

  7. Our Mickey Mouser has been wearing them for about 6 months. We tried them because he is a big scaredy cat and gets so spooked by people (other than my husband and me), and sudden noises. Fortunately he gets along very well with Rufus the Red! The collar hasn’t helped with fear of strangers but he seems a bit less panicked. The great effect is that he’s more affectionate and social. Rufus is attracted to the smell and loves to groom Mickey around the collar. I phoned the company to ask if there’s any problem with Rufus licking it! They said it’s OK.

    1. I am glad it helps to calm him. Good to know it is OK if the cats lick it.XO

  8. I hope this keeps the peace! Tilly and Jezebel are pretty spry still but old enough that they’re only interested in food and sleep. At least they’re happy. Be well!

  9. I am so glad that the calming collars are working! We purchased one a long time ago, when we thought that Chuck’s ‘accidents’ outside of the litter pan were territorial things. After a short amount of time, The Hubby couldn’t stand the smell, so we took it off of Chuck. His accidents are due to his intestinal issues, although we do have him on anti-depressants to cope with everything.

    1. I am surprised I don’t mind the smell when I am usually picky and Sammy sleeps on my pillow most of the time. I am glad you found something to help Chuck.

  10. I am hoping they will work for you. None of our cats wear collars, so I think adding one would be troublesome for us. Have you tried Feliway multicat? We just learned about this version (versus the original version) and have some where Sadie is. It seems to be helping her. Crossing fingers.

    1. My never wore collars, but don’t seem to mind these. I have not heard of the multicat, I would try a spray, but not a plug-in, I am afraid of a fire with them. Glad that is helping Sadie.

  11. Now that is a miracle invention! I’m so glad they collars worked as expected.
    Peace and harmony again
    Hugs madi and mom

  12. Never heard of this before today, but if it works then that’s a very good investment to have a peaceful home. I’m not sure they would work for you at the mall though. You did make me laugh out loud.

    Have a fabulous and peaceful day. Scritches to all the babies. ☺

  13. Dat’s pawsum!!! We’ve tried all da sprays, drops and spot ons to no avail really. We’ve not tried da collars cuz me nearly choked meself when me was a young kitty and mommy put a collar on me. But she has hopes of gettin’ collars on us again in da future. Maybe we’ll have to look into these. Sendin’ purrayers and hope it works fur Jinx too. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. I have the collars on very loose and they seem to be made with whatever flea collars are made of so I think they would break if a cat were stuck. I hope you can try them and that they will help you too. XO

  14. I just knew it. Chloe Jo wore one for years, and we weaned her onto a regular collar, just for the sensation of it. That finally worked. I swear by them, though. I am glad it worked for your boys, too.

    HUGS! Love you guys.

    1. That was a good idea to wean her to a regular collar, I hope I can do that someday too. We love you too! XO

  15. Wow, it sounds like they are working really well! I have heard of calming collars but I didn’t know much about them. Do they seem to mind wearing the collar? I’m wondering if putting one on Connor would help be calmer as he continues to recover. And he and Natasha tend to get hissy with each other.

    1. I bet it would help Connor to feel more relaxed. Neither minds the collar.

  16. doodz…we send best fishez two ewe both; we hope theeze collarz
    due ther job N stuffs happee bee tween ewe both; sum one round heer
    knot me coulda used one oh theeze loooong ago….oh well ~~~~
    πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯ may be ewe could ask chewy if ewe could ree view sum month;
    that mite help off set de cost maybe ?? β™₯β™₯

    1. That would be great, but Chewy usually picks a few items and lets us choose from those. XO

  17. It’s SOOOO frustrating when the cats you love most in the world can’t get along – not only does it hurt our hearts – but it puts every one on edge. I had no idea these existed ten years ago, when Kitty and Bear were constantly fighting (to be fair, it was Bear Kitten’s fault … he followed her everywhere and watched everything she did … he just did not get the cues to back off). I’m surprised it’s Sammy that’s chasing Brody … though I suppose it could be male rivalry if they are the two spunkiest males.

    1. I think these are fairly new, but they sure do work. I can’t imagine Bear ever being trouble ( wink, wink). πŸ™‚

  18. We’re very glad they are doing well for your little men. Poor Brody…. It takes time to learn how to live inside among civilized society.

  19. Oohhh… I’ve never heard of those! I wonder if they have ’em here in Canada. Dionysia – the timeshare cat – is spendin’ almost ALL his time at our house these days and there have been a few altercations between him and that neighbourin’ nosey cat from across the street. MO– USES!

  20. Fico contente que os colares estΓ£o dando um bom efeito.
    Eu nΓ£o conhecia nada parecido com isto.

  21. What a great idea. M says I don’t need one as I’m about as calm as they get. We will keep this in mind tho for when I go visit my human sisfur’s kitties or if they come here. Thanks for telling us about these.

  22. Thank you so much for this ! I have used Feliway diffusers, and most of my cats get along fine, but Oscar has been focused on Sally Cookie ever since she arrived. I am going to see if these work on the two of them and also my PTSD cat Peaches.
    I know what you mean about scents – I have tried lavendar for my own headaches and had to adjust what scent I used or it made the headache worse !

    So glad it’s helping Brody, Sammy and Ka Two.

  23. I have used them with Wally and Ernie (yes, there have been times where they don’t get along) and the collars along with using feliway plugins seemed to help. I didn’t like the white powder that was on the collars that came off onto everything including the cats (not sure if that happened with yours; I used the Sentry calming collars). I hope they help Sammy and Brody.

    1. Yes, they had the powder which I wasn’t pleased with, but I assumed it was safe. I am afraid of plug-ins starting a fire, but I use Feliway spray, I thought of spraying a plain collar with that to see if it would work.

  24. I wonderful to read an unsponsored post about a good product! YEA!!! I’ll remember the product. Both for recommending and for mom when she has to go to the human vet.

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I think it would help calm Katie when she goes to the vet. XO

  25. So excited that they are working! I am going to look into them too for the fall/winter for when the boys get owlie and start bickering. Feliway helps but I would like to suppliment and the collars sound like a perfect idea!

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