I Give My Cats Aspirin

Hi everyone! Poor Penny is being bumped today. I want to pass some important information along to all of you.

I have always read that aspirin is a no-no for cats so I was shocked when Emmy’s cardiologist prescribed one half of a baby aspirin twice a week. She is also on two heart medicines.

Sammy has a murmur so he went to the same cardiologist for an echocardiogram and was also prescribed the same aspirin regimen. Then I went to the regular vet with Polar Bear. I recently changed all the cats over to this new place because I was unhappy with the care at VCA. Well, this new vet ( new to us, she has been in business over 20 years) recommended the aspirin for him too. Polar Bear has a thyroid problem like Sammy and also has a murmur ( all my hyperthyroid cats have murmurs). This vet gives all her hyperthyroid cats a whole baby aspirin twice a week. I am staying cautious and only doing the half twice a week.

The reason this was prescribed was because hyperthyroid cats with murmurs are more prone to blood clots. I had never heard this before. Has anyone else been told this? I am curious to know. Plus, if you haven’t been told this, I hope you will ask about it if your cat has these conditions. I also plan to ask if all my older cats should be given this like how aspirin is prescribed for older humans.

This is one of the gifts I gave my mom for her birthday. It is a travel mug from Summer’s Zazzle store. My mom is a big fan of Summer.

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  1. This is news to me, but I have never had a cat with a serious heart murmur. If the vet has prescribed it I would go with it too. When you mentioned possibly presenting blood clots I wonder if it would help prevent a saddle thrombus, which has caused death of several cats – including Melissa’s Truffles.

    1. Thank you for remembering my Truffles. I’m wondering the same thing although she was so young a diagnosis would’ve been impossible unless she had shown some symptoms before everything went wrong. I’ve had a cat with thyroid issues and another with congestive heart failure and never heard about aspirin therapy. Very interesting!!!

    2. I have wondered that too- I thought of Truffles, but she was so young that no vet would have prescribed aspirin for a cat so young. That was so sad.

  2. Funny enough, my human is HORRIBLY allergic to aspirin, even baby aspirin, so she can’t take it at all. Hopefully she will never need to!

    Thanks for getting the mug – I never would have thought of putting this image of me on one! I’m glad Zazzle had the option for you to do that.

  3. Yes, I have heard that about heart murmurs which can always produce clots, but not necessarily more prone in hypothyroid cats. My vet went with a small dose of standard heart medication the two times it came up in conjunction with hypothyroid disease. But I learned about giving a kitty a baby aspirin for a fever in 1998. My Moses developed a terrible virus with a very high fever, but recovered in a few days with no ill effect except that her temperature would not come down from about 103. My vet prescribed one-half of a baby aspirin every other day for five doses, or until her fever reduced, which it did in four days.

  4. Not heard of this before … I don’t even take aspirin myself.
    Good to stay cautious and be open for other professional opinions πŸ‘

  5. Ww have not heard of this only because we do not have cats with murmurs, but it seems to make sense. If it keeps them well, then it must work.
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. Sammy was hypothyroid and had a murmur but no aspirin was ever prescribed for him….maybe this is a newer suggested treatment as he’s been gone for 3 years. It sounds like you have a lot of confidence in your vet and maybe the prescribing of aspirin has more to do with the “severity” of the murmur and thyroid issues? It may be that at one time it was thought it was not a good treatment but over time found it helps in some circumstances. I know you investigate thoroughly if you have a question about the kitties so I hope you get some more authoritative information than I can offer!!

    Hugs, Pam

  7. Wow. Aspirin makes a ton of sense. Bear’s thyroid values have been teetering on the verge or abnormal so I will definitely ask the vet when I take him for his wellness visit in a few weeks.

  8. I am glad you asked here, and I hope you will research this to the max. That would be something I would feel very very cautious about. Maybe it is all right…but it would need careful research..maybe even another opinion if that is possible where you are. I will have to take Katie in for her nails in another 2 weeks and I will ask my vet too.

  9. My Hallie cat had very bad arthritis and my vet had said it’s ok to give her half a baby aspirin twice a week but to only do it when I thought she really needed it. She didn’t have heart murmur or thyroid though.

  10. Whoa, we’ve never heard this, and Benny has both a heart murmur AND is hyperthyroid! We’ll ask the vet about it the next time we go in. We did know that, generally, aspirin is not good for cats _unless_ given under a vet’s supervision. We hope it helps your kitties. Thanks for passing this along.

  11. This is news to me and I hope it helps. I take a baby aspirin once a day and sometimes 2 if I have a headache. Otherwise, I don’t like to take any medication.

  12. We didn’t know about that either but I always heard to not give cats aspirin unless your Vet says it’s okay for them. Very interesting information.

  13. Chucky’s vet didn’t recommend aspirin; he was on other meds to reduce his blood pressure, thin his blood, and I’ve forgotten what else. As far as I know, Chuck was not hyperthyroid, but his kidneys were wonky, but they weren’t the primary concern.

    1. Emmy has been on one medicine for2 years, but the aspirin is new. I wonder if all the bets went to a conference about it.

  14. I’m not surprised by this. If humans take it then kitties and even pups should. Consult with the vet of course.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. β™₯

  15. guyz….we iz sorree ya hafta takez de stuff…..frank lee we wood bee scared
    ta take it… coz it doez knot werk in uz… like it doez peepulz…. we hope de treet mint
    plan werkz…..N pleez ta tell yur gram maw we said happe birthday πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯

  16. I’ve never heard about that and it’s good to know. I would probably be giving half of the aspirin instead of the whole like you do and monitor.

  17. thanks so much for this information. I am greatly concerned that Cody may also have hypothyroidism. I have felt he has it for MONTHS. He had bloodwork done six months ago and was borderline, then 2 weeks ago more bloodwork and was still borderline. He has dropped a full pound in 6 months (and he eats VORACIOUSLY). With the amount he eats the Vet said he should be 20 lbs and he is only 10 lbs (he is a SMALL boned cat). He is going back in this Thursday for another weight check and for his rabies shot that the Vet forgot to give him 2 weeks ago on his senior every 6 month exam. The Vet has checked his heart numerous times and there is nothing out of the ordinary there. I am praying that whatever is going on with him is treatable.

  18. I hear about aspirin being used to prevent heart attacks very often but there are also people who warn that long term use of aspirin can cause a lot of health issues since it is very bad for the stomach. I sometimes use willow bark pills when I have a headache caused by my neck problems. I believe aspirin is just a highly refined form of willow bark. Of course, willow bark is not as effective as aspirin but it comes without the side effects. I don’t know if it has the same blood thinning properties but it’s worth looking into.

    1. I have never heard of willow bark. I will look into it for myself, but I would be too nervous to try it on the cats.

  19. We don’t know about cats, but we don’t ever get aspirin. It sounds like you have had enough recommendations for its use that it must be OK.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  20. Wow, I had no idea you could give cats aspirin. That is really interesting. Blogging friends teach us so many things!

  21. Some vets do prescribe aspirin in small dose for cats with heart issues. I’ve never heard of it specifically for hyperT cats with heart issues. I don’t think every vet treats that way.

  22. I would have never thought of aspirin for cats but can see the benefit in it. I take a daily heart dose aspirin and am thinking why couldn’t it help cats with heart issues. I have no knowledge about thyroid issues in cats. I know thyroid issues with cats occur often. I am very happy you found a vet that you feel comfortable with for the Meowing Crew!

  23. Hmm I had not heard that either. I will ask around though. I do know that thyroid issues in cats are pretty common, I think everyone of my friend’s has had a cat with thyroid issues. I am glad you found a vet that you are comfortable with, that is so important!

  24. Now that I think of it, the vet I used to work for used aspirin in one or two cardiac cases. But, I don’t think she or any other vet I know has ever mentioned to me it’s use in thyroid cats. Now I’m very intrigued and actually feel like doing some research. Purrs and prayers to all of you!

  25. We only know that it’s prescriped on people with heart problems, strokes aso. , because Aspirine is working as a blood thinner, but we didn’t know that it was used on kitties too. That is a lovely mug, miss Ellen😸Extra Pawkisses to all of youπŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž

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