Friendly Fill-Ins Week 6

Hi everyone! It is Friendly Fill-In time. Thank you to all who have been participating, I look forward to seeing everyone’s answers each week. And remember, if you don’t have a blog, please put your answers in the comments.

I came up with the first 2 statements and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2.

1. The best brand of ____________ is _______________.
2. I refuse to buy _______________________ unless there is a sale or a coupon.
3. I am inspired by                     .
4.Whenever                         , I                              .

My answers:
1. The best brand of Cat treats is Friskies ( Party Mix)  Phoebe’s answer
2. I refuse to buy almost anything, especially clothes and shoes unless there is a sale or coupon.
3. I am inspired by reading memoirs and autobiographies of people who have overcome great physical or psychological obstacles.
4. Whenever I eat Chinese food or any food with MSG, I get very itchy hands and feet- I must be allergic to it.
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  1. Oh! Great answers. Phoebe, ❤❤❤.
    I agree with #3. Memoirs are my favourite, but I do prefer women’s. I like literary fiction, too. However, I am choosey about it. I am not a fan of romance, chick lit, horror, or the paranormal fantasy genre. I like meaningful stories that I can relate to.
    Be careful! MSG allergies can be serious.
    Big hugs, my friend! ❤

    1. Phoebe only answered the first one 🙂 I think you and I have similar tastes in reading. I love memoirs, I just wish there were more photos. I noticed autobiographies have photos in the middle,but not memoirs. I love to see photos and have a face to go with what I am reading.
      I have an appointment with an allergist next Friday because I seem to be allergic to a lot of things. Hopefully not cats, but it wouldn’t matter because I would never part with them. XO

  2. We’ve posted our fill-ins. Mom totally agrees with your two – four. Luckily very few restaurants use MSG anymore. We kitties change our mind about treats just about daily. Party Mix is one we like as well. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Thank you for joining the fill-ins. I need to remember to say no msg when I go out. XO

  3. That MSG is naughty junk…we …well the peeps have banned it from our den. It takes meowmy a ton of time to shop cause she has to read all the labels. She gets huge hives from some dyes and also from some kinds of pepperoni, go figure!

    1. That is smart to ban it from the house. I love to use better than bouillon brand broth and that has it, but I love the soup I make with it so I just take Benadryl when I get itchy. Hives are awful, I bet there is dye in pepperoni to give it the red color.

  4. You always have such great answers!

    Phoebe, my boy Evan gives you two paws up (he’d give you four, if his back legs weren’t paralyzed) for your first answer. He loves loves loves Friskies Party Mix treats, too!

    My second fill-in is just about identical to yours. I do not find any joy in shopping for clothes, and there have to be some serious doorbuster deals to even get me to consider it.

    Thank you for hosting this fun challenge!

    1. Thank you, I always enjoy your answers too. Phoebe can’t get enough party mix, especially the original and the cheese- does Evan have a favorite flavor? I am glad you like the fill-ins, I am having a lot of fun getting to know everyone better.

  5. We loved your answers!!! Especially Phoebe’s – we love the Party Mix, too, probably too much. Mom is gratified to know she is not the only one who hates clothes shopping and will only do so with a great sale or big coupon!! I’m posting my answers soon!!! Love you!!

    1. Thank you for participating. I enjoyed your answers and your photo of your and your Mom. We are all sending our love to all of you. XO

  6. Great cat pictures and posts. We used to buy Friskies for Xerxes. We lost him to Feline Leukemia this past October. I still keep his toys on my desk.

    It is amazing how these little furry guys can come into your life and stomp your heart flat when they go.

    1. I am so sorry about Xerxes, Feline Leukemia is an awful disease. I can understand your not wanting to get rid of his toys. We have lost 3 in a short time and our hearts are broken too.

  7. Good Friday Morning!
    The best brand of tortilla chips is On the Border Cantina Thins… I crave them!
    I refuse to buy a new flat screen TV(ours was taken out by lightning) unless there is a sale or a coupon.
    I am inspired by people who rescue animals.
    Whenever there is a great photo op I never have my camera anymore!

    Your #4 is scary! We eat at a Chinese place that uses no MSG.

    Thank you for letting me play in your comments!

    1. I love tortilla chips, I need to try those. I need to remember to ask for no msg next time I got out. Thanks for your answers, I enjoyed them.

  8. I’ve learned to shop resale for clothes and small stuff, like cat food dishes. Underwear, shoes and socks are the only thing I buy new, and only on sale!

  9. I enjoy of diverse our kitty’s preferences are when it comes to snacks and food, some of mine will even eat one flavor of a brand but not another, very much like people! :-). I see we agree totally on #2, I don’t really enjoy shopping for clothing, so when I need it I make sure I am getting a good bargain, no high-dollar famous name shoes for this girl! 🙂 I think like you do on #3 too, memoirs and biographies have always been my favorite genre, I like to see how others handle the things life throws at them. I have quite a few food allergies and I do get itchy hands and feet, and even inside my mouth when I eat the wrong thing, in fact I get itchy all over, and sometimes break out in hives. That’s a sign to avoid those things unless I want to be miserable. Extreme allergies can even result in a trip to the ER and we don’t want that happening to you!! xoxo

    1. I see we think alike in many ways 🙂 Some of my cats are more picky than others. Sammy was never picky, but now he is on a prescription diet and doesn’t seem to like that- he tries to steal everyone else’s food. I take a Benadryl when I get itchy, if I were smart, I would avoid msg. I am glad you are participating in the fill-ins every week, it is nice to have a new friend. XO

  10. # 1 kibble // GIE UNT CAT 🙂
    # 2 BURD…..ever….even if itz free…for get de cue ponz
    # 3 we iz inn spired by St Francis
    # 4 when ever we can…we sleep

    🙂 ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you for your answers, I especially like #3. I must be part cat because I like to sleep and nap too 🙂

  11. There’s a lotta things my mommy won’t buy unless it is at a reduced price. Or id=f on-line, free whipping.

    Whenever it’s sunny, mommy gets all enthusiastic and is gone a lot in the daytime. *I* get busy and carry my babies all over the house.

    Mommy is inspired by friends being friends.

    For me, whenever I see it’s bedtime, I wait in the junction of the hallways as a solid reminder to get crackin’ to mommy.

    1. Thank you for your answers Katie. I bet you look adorable carrying your babies around the house. You are a sweetie. XO

  12. Mommy is dying laughing. SHIPPING not whipping and she swears SHE is not doing that. It’s correct as she types it and sometimes it changes in front of her eyes. But she didn’t catch that one. Oh, mom is laughing, No whipping, thank you very much she said.

  13. Amazing how many of us don’t want to buy anything expensive at full price, that seems to be a theme. Great questions and answers, thank you!

    1. That does seem to be the theme 🙂 We would all rather spend the money on our kitties.

  14. My mum always looks for things in the sales too. She never eats Chinese food from a takeaway, and will only go to one restaurant because she knows she will get stomach cramps. She usually makes her own.
    We can’t get Party Mix here, but we do have Felix Goody Bags which is very similar if not the same.

    1. That is too bad you can’t get party mix, I am glad you have something similar. I wish I knew how to make my own Chinese food.

  15. These are some great questions this week and I’m sorry I missed it. The kitties here agree with Phoebe on #1 and I’m with you on #2!

  16. We love your answers and have a few that are similar 🙂 We are encouraging our Mama to get organized and post the fill-ins on our blog next Friday. It might not happen (again!) though since it is difficult to get her to focus! :p

    Here are her answers:
    1.The best brand of chocolate milk is Avalon Dairy (here in Vancouver!)
    2.I refuse to buy clothes unless there is a sale or coupon or I buy from second hand stores. I like fashion but I would rather spend money on other things 🙂
    3. I am inspired by people who face great challenges in life, overcome them and continue to thrive and to choose kindness over hatred.
    4.Whenever I wake up to a day of rain, I work on a painting with my “kids” all around me and I cheer right up 🙂

    Have a great weekend!
    Tell your Grammie to elevate her knee and to stay off her leg.

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Thank you for your answers, I enjoyed them. That is sweet that your furbabies sit around you when you paint. It seems like all of us agree that no one should pay full price on clothes. I try to save where I can so I have money when I need to bring a kitty to the vet. XO

  17. HA! MSG makes my Mom’s sinuses clog up! But she eats Chinese food with it in there anyway………..she loves eating out at the Chinese restaurant! We enjoyed ALLLLLLLLLLLLL your answers though!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. I guess your Mom is allergic to msg too, but it makes everything taste better.Glad you liked our answers 🙂 XO

  18. TW used to have a boss who got migraines from MSG in Chinese food but most places around here don’t use it anymore. She also don’t buy anything unless it’s on sale or she has a coupon. She even waits until my FF goes on sale. I think I deserve better.

    1. I agree, I can see not buying most things unless they are on sale, but you are #1 🙂

    1. Poor Teddy. Maybe he could have a treat once in a while and play with a wand toy for exercise.

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