Friendly Fill-Ins Week 398


Hi everyone! Time for the fill-ins. I came up with the first two sentences and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with the second two. If you didn’t do a post for them, you can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link to the hop so everyone can visit you. The link is open until Wednesday night.

1. Wouldn’t it be nice if __________________________.
2. I don’t mind buying used ______________________.
3. I have a strange habit of _________.

4. I have enough ________ to last a lifetime.
My answers:
1. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was no suffering in the world.
2. I don’t mind buying used books.
3. I have a strange habit of salting everything- except food. I never salt my food, but anything I get that was previously owned like books, even cats, I sprinkle with salt to remove any bad luck. Yes, I am odd. 

4. I have enough clothes to last a lifetime. I wear pajamas at home which is where I am most of the time so my clothes last a long time. I would not be very fashionable though.
We are joining Feline Friday now hosted by Messymimi.

My flashback is from January 2021, my sweet Angel Sammy dressed for the cold weather.


  1. Aunty Ellen you are NOT weerd at all…….
    Wee think you are lovelee!
    An ‘angel’ Sammy lookss so cute inn his Winter finery….
    BellaSita iss doin Fill-Innss this week:

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was NO WAR anywhere on the planet!?
    2. I don’t mind buying used books either!
    3. I have a strange habit of kissing ‘angel’s’ Purrince Siddhartha Henry’s Memory Box & NYLABLUE & MIngflower’s Ash Boxes nitely.
    4. I have enough underwear to last a lifetime.
    ****nose kissess**** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Thank you, you are too kind. And thank you for these great answers. No wars would be nice. ANd that is not a strange habit- it is sweet.. XO

  2. I have heard of salt to remove bad luck, but I had to laugh at the picture I got of you sprinkling cats with salt! I just stick to throwing spilt salt over my shoulder. Anyone behind me might get sprinkled though!

  3. It looks as if Angel Sammy was prepared for a bad winter. I’m like you with the used books, I do buy them from our libraries store.

  4. What a sweet pic of Angel Sammy.
    I agree with #’s 1 and 2
    I’ve never heard of sprinking salt on everything for good luck but if it works go for it.
    I have a closet full of clothes, I don’t wear since we stay at home most of the time. Leggings and sweats are the go-to wardrobe.

  5. Your #3 is interesting… you are not odd.
    Sammy, so sweet♥
    My Fill-Ins…
    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all live in peace.
    2. I don’t mind buying used books. I have several that are close to my heart.
    3. I have a strange habit of eating a PB&J for lunch pretty much every day. Unless we go out.
    4. I have… “enough” to last a lifetime.
    Thank you, Ellen… scritches to the Meowing Crew.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 And thanks for these great answers. I want a pb and j now too. 🙂 XO

  6. 1. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the hatred vanished.
    2. I don’t mind buying used books.
    3. I have a strange habit of ? I have to many strange habits.
    4. I have enough toilet paper to last a lifetime. I can’t tell you how little we had when the pandemic hit. We have years worth the toilet paper now.

    Thank you for co-hosting the Friendly Fill-ins.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Ellen. Scritches to the kitties. xo ♥

  7. Oona: “Angel Sammy certainly looks nice and warm in his coat and hat. Oona could use a coat and hat since she is the shortest-furred cat of the bunch here.”
    Charlee: “Not every cat can have gloriously long fur like me.”
    Chaplin: “Or, um, mediumly long fur like me.”

  8. Fantastic fill-ins, as always! I hadn’t thought of this answer for #2, but it’s so true. Used books can be so much more affordable, but still perfectly enjoyable. I’m also like you and wear my cozy pajama clothes whenever I’m at home. Angel Sammy was so adorable in his warm clothes! Purrs!

  9. Ah, Sammy was a doll. ~hugs~ My mother used to sprinkle salt over her left shoulder if she spilled any, a folk remedy for warding off the devil. 🙂 I’m very unfashionable, myself, though I’m more likely to wear street clothes in bed than pajamas around the house for some reason. lol Best wishes, my dear.

  10. I don’t blame you for wearing pajamas at home. My clothes aren’t very fashionable, either, but as a janitor I don’t worry about it.

    Thanks for including Angel Sammy and joining Feline Friday!

  11. I love to buy used anything, if they fit my ‘needs’!
    My closets are way too full as well…in the hope that I might just fit in them again sometime….if I did once, then I should be able to if I work at it, is my philosophy…LOL! (But like you said, then I will be out of fashion, but who cares!)

    Angel Sammy îs dressed perfectly for the weather we are having here right now…we are in the midst of a terrible winter storm. UGH!

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if no one had to suffer from the scourge of dementia.
    2. I don’t mind buying used anything.
    3. I have a strange habit of…Hmmm, do I??

    4. I have enough toilet paper and other paper goods to last a lifetime….including masks…thanks to the hoarding days of the pandemic. They are in a storage area….for future reference if need be.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 And thank you for these great answers. I keep clothes that don’t fit too because I am an eternal optimist. OX

  12. Adorable picture! And I love the kitty on your blog header in the little house.

  13. Those were interesting fill-in answers and that’s such a sweet flashback!

  14. Granny just bought about 7 books and all used, she doesn’t mind either😸
    Granny used salt on the doorstep of houses to chase away ghosts, but that was ages ago🧙‍♀️
    We love the way Angel Sammy was dressed, so cute😻More Pawkisses for all🐾😽💞

  15. Oh Sammy, you look adorable. What a precious boy you were and a Precious Angel now. We all miss you and remember you well. Mom said she’ll bow you kisses up to Heaven when she can get outside. We are covered with deep deep snow right now. XXX

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