Friendly Fill-Ins Week 372


Hi everyone! Time for the fill-ins. I came up with the first two sentences and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with the second two. If you didn’t do a post for them, you can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link to the hop so everyone can visit you. The link is open until Wednesday night.

1. ___________________ taught me that ______________________.

2. I wish I could remember __________________________________.
3. I could be convinced _________ only if _________.
4. I had to delay _________ because _________.
My answers:
1. Age has taught time flies whether you are having fun or not.
2. I wish I could remember people’s names. I am usually so nervous when I meet someone that I forget their name.
3. I could be convinced of committing a crime only if it was to rescue a cat. 
4. I had to delay decluttering my house last year because I had too much going on, but now I am almost done.
We are joining Feline Friday now hosted by Messymimi.
My flashback is from July 2021, Angel Sammy was modeling the rag wreath I made.

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  1. RAG WREATH…love that, maybe for xmas to be ecological. Did you see the man dressed in garbage in the Washington Post, telling us how to use our garbage well? Sort of hot, in this weather. He had on about 30 bags of stuff. Keep cool.

  2. Congrats on finishing your decluttering project – no small feat for sure! I always say that my brain is full when I forget something these days and at my age I suppose it’s definitely a good excuse.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  3. A very pretty wreath and a very beautiful angel. I’m very good at remembering names, and they go along with the faces very well. But I am such an introvert I’d rather not have to talk to anybody outside the house. That’s my issue obviously.

  4. 1. Need taught me that I can do any darn thing I have to. Even if it’s out of the ordinary.]
    2. Like Teddy and his mom Pam, I wish I could remember the entire grocery list, Not.
    4. I had to delay getting the yard spruced because of a lack of available help. Getting done in bits and pieces.
    3. I could be convince to learn to swim only if my entire life depended on it.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I always forget stuff at the store too. XO

  5. Angel Sammy, I sure do remember you and I also remember that rag wreath, believe it or not.

  6. We too would do questionable things to help an animal in distress!
    The Hubby would have to rent one of those huge dumpsters if we ever decluttered this house that still has tons of stuff left over from his family living here from 1955 to 1991!

    1. Thank you. I bet that is a lot of stuff. We still have a house across the street we inherited in 1999 full of furniture, etc. XO

  7. Sweet pic of Angel Sammy and I love the rag wreath. I’m not good at remembering names either. I try to repeat their name as soon as they say it which works sometimes. Congrats on finishing your decluttering project.

  8. Fantastic fill-ins, as always! I really relate to your #3. I even just recently had a discussion with my dad about how we’d be willing to do something criminal if it meant saving our cats or dogs, or any animal. And Angel Sammy was a purrfect model for the rag wreath! Purrs!

  9. I know what you mean on remembering names.
    Many years ago Bryan and I would see the same couple every week in passing at McAllister’s cafe. They always called us by name. Neither of us recognized them. I’m usually very good with names and faces (probably due to working with and meeting so many students). thankful we were usually finishing out meal when they arrived so they never sat with us. I learned something with them from now on when I see someone I have seen in years, I always introduce myself.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. It is embarrassing when someone remembers you and you don’t remember their names. 🙂 XO

  10. Oh, Sammy, I know you’re missed. ~hugs to your mom~ And good on you, Ellen, for decluttering! That’s something I should do. Be well, my dear.

    1. Thank you. I love to declutter, but hubby had a tough time getting into it. XO

  11. So true about #1. I am happy you are at the end of your decluttering… it isn’t easy.
    Angel Sammy was such a sweet boy. He really is an adorable boy with the wreath. So lucky you were and are able to click so many photos of some wonderful memories.
    My Fill-Ins…
    1. Living full time in several vacation destinations has taught me that is not a recipe for peace and quiet.
    2. I wish I could remember the people in the old photos that we saved.
    3. I could be convinced of nothing only if whatever it was felt right in my heart and my little voice told me all is good.
    4. I had to delay my commenting this week because “busyness” was going on in the morning. 
    Thanks Ellen!

    1. Thank you. It has been tough getting hubby to cooperate, but once he started, he realized how freeing it is. Thank you for these great answers. I know what you mean about old photos. XO

  12. Yore Sammy sure was adoorbss Aunty Ellen! An that iss a snazzy lookin reethe!
    You did guud Fill-Innss Aunty…..
    BellaSita unwell today (Seezure) so wee skip Fill-Innss.
    Wee DUE LOVE you an Unkell an all mee Couzinss….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your mum had another seizure. And I love you and your mum. XO

  13. You are right, the time is going to pass so we might just as well make up our minds to be happy and joyful (as much as we can) while it does.

    I do love Angel Sammy in this. Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

  14. Those were good fill-in answers, you’ve been decluttering and we’ve been cluttering. Such a sweet flashback photo.

  15. 1. Dad taught me that everything needs to be repaired eventually.
    2. I wish I could remember the first few years of my life.
    3. I could be convinced that skwerls arent evil only if they would sit and share nose-sniffies. (Ayla)
    4. I had to delay posting Friday Flashbacks because I thought it was Thursday.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. It would be nice to remember our early years. XO

  16. Supurr fill ins! We’ll back to joining in next week after two weeks of random Fridays! MOL And great job on a little decluttering, similar has been happening here too! Happy Caturday to mew all, and we hope mew have a furbulous weekend!

  17. 1. Hard work taught me that the things I have I’ve earned.
    2. I wish I could remember things like I used to. Age does that to you.
    3. I could be convinced that people can be kind only if people would try harder to be kind.
    4. I had to delay going to our boat because I had a cyst on the back of my neck drained. It wasn’t pleasant.

    Thank you for co-hosting the Friendly Fill-ins.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Ellen. Scritches to the kitties. xo ♥

    1. Thank you for these answers. I am sorry about the cyst, it sounds awful. I hope you feel better soon. XO

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