Friendly Fill-Ins Week 268

Hi everyone! Time for the fill-ins. I came up with the first two sentences and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with the second two. If you didn’t do a post for them, you can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link to the hop so everyone can visit you. The link is open until Wednesday night.

1. I just can’t bring myself to _______________________.

2. I have a hankering for ___________________.
3. _________ changed my life.
4. At this stage of my life, I _________.
My answers:
1. I just can’t bring myself to allow a cat outdoors. I am so worried about Bridget even though she apparently wants to be out there.
2. I have a hankering for a chocolate frostee with cherry dip from Dairy Queen.
3. Cats changed my life. It is like my life didn’t begin until I discovered the joy of cats.
4. At this stage of my life, I would love a laundry room on the first floor instead of the basement. There is nothing wrong with me now, but you never know so I would prefer it on the main level.
We are also joining Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday and Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.

And my flashback is Angel Snowball from July 2014 posing with a catnip ice cream cone.  Which reminds me, National Ice Cream Day is Sunday the 18th so we will be having a giveaway for a catnip cone like that and an ice cream themed catnip mat. Be sure to stop by.

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  1. Good answers and a sweet flashback. We don’t like cats outdoors either although we have no choice with our ferals. Bridget, get inside, you’ll like it, you really will.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Ferals are tough, I am learning that the hard way. XO

  2. Good answers Ellen, the kitties and I are hoping that Bridget will be back inside soon. Awww, cute picture of Angel Snowball. XO

  3. We love your answers.
    The picture of your Angel Snowball is precious. She reminds us of our Angel Snowball. Maybe your Angel Snowball and my Angel Snowball have met, become BFFs.

  4. Happy Friday! I think WordPress has changed stuff again – we had issues posting links on our blog for today. Hopefully we can figure it out. No problem linking to you HERE though!! Hope your Friday is fabulous and the weekend as well. We expect HOT HOT HOT. Thanks for hosting fill-ins – it’s ALWAYS ALWAYS FUN!

    Love, Teddy and Mom too

  5. Love your fill-ins and I know you love your kitties. I wish Bridget would come back in though.

    I want ice cream too. We’re on the same page.

    Aw on Angel Snowball. Adorable.

    Thank you for co-hosting the Friendly Fill-ins.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

    1. Thank you. 🙂 At least she is around to eat so I hope to catch her soon. XO

  6. Mee-yow those are guud questshunss Miss Ellen an grate answerss. LadyMew wantss to due Fill-inn’ss with you so here she iss:
    1) I JUST CAN’T BRING MYSELF TO: give away all my Charles Dickens leather bound books.
    2) I HAVE A HANERING FOR Butterscotch Ripple Ice Cream.
    3) My Brother Dale’s DEATH back in 1985 @ 25 yrs old CHANGED MY LIFE.
    4) AT THIS STAGE OF MY LIFE I crave Peace & Solitude; not Chaos & Drama!!
    Did LadyMew due guud Miss Ellen???
    **purrss** BellaDharma an <3 LadyMew

    1. Thank you to your mum for these great answers except I am sorry she lost her brother so young. She should keep her Charles Dickens books and I hope she gets some of that ice cream, it sounds delicious. XO

  7. Aww! Lovely photo of Angel Snow and what a pose it is heheh!

    I liked your replies one day you might get ypur first floor laundry room 🙂

    Have a posetastic weekend 👍

  8. Your Fill-In for #2 sounds very good right now… I just came in from cleaning the outdoor furniture! I understand about your joy for cats. I feel that way about them and horses, too. Angel Snowball♥
    My Fill-Ins…
    1. I just can’t bring myself to give up a pair of winter boots from our Missouri life.
    2. I have a hankering for Chinese from Hot Wok, our favorite Chinese restaurant in Chesterfield, Mo.
    3. Horses changed my life.
    4. At this stage of my life, I just want to keep everything simple.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I didn’t know you were into horses, they are beautiful creatures. I am guessing Hot Wok doesn’t deliver to Florida. 🙂 Have a nice weekend. XO

      1. I found out they closed in 2018 after I did the comment. Now I can move on from craving their Moo Goo Gai Pan! I started riding very early and stopped in 2005 because I just didn’t have the strength anymore. I had 7 horses during my riding life.

        1. I hope you find a place with a similar one. Horses are beautiful. I have never been on one now and I wouldn’t now- I am too fat and klutzy.XO

  9. Snowball really was beautiful and looked just like a snowball

  10. Ice Cream Day…YAY! I’ve never allowed a cat outside either because I live on a street with a high school on it…crazy drivers! We don’t have a single DQ in VT 🙁

  11. I agree with your fill-ins. Cats are safer indoors (but some absolutely refuse to be “jailed); Cats changed my life; and hauling laundry up & down from a basement is a hassle.

  12. Bridget has been an ourdoor cat her whole life, many of them have a difficult time making the transition to indoors. Some will stick around where they are fed, and will come indoors for the last year or two of their lives, probably because they just get tired of fighting the elements when they get older.

    My prayer is she will realize how good she would have it in your house and be willing to come in soon.

    Having a house with no basement or second floor would be very convenient.

    1. Thank you. I am hopeful she will want to live inside with her sisters. XO

  13. You have me hankering after some good ice cream now too!! LOL!

    1. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of some of the things cluttering up the house…I must be careful not to turn into a hoarder….

    2. I have a hankering for a good ice cream,, you betcha. Mybe I will make some Keto ice cream, its made without sugar, uses heavy cream,, vanilla extract and swerve for a sweetener, I think an egg goes into it, too. after its all mixed you put it in your ice cream maker, Mmmm!.
    3. Getting married and coming to the USA, changed my life. A good thing!
    4. At this stage of my life, I wish to remain as active as I can, so I keep on with my work, and do all the chores here. Hubby has gotten to the point where he has some mobility issues, not bad…but still:(.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. That ice cream sounds good, I have an ice cream maker too. 🙂 Good idea to stay active. XO

  14. Great answers! TW treated herself to a large Dunkaccino for her birthday. She drinks a little each day since it contains about 80 grams of sugar. MOL! TY for hosting. Cute flashback.

  15. I like your answer about cats changing your life. Dad says he’s never known a life without cats and says as far back as he can remember they’ve always been around him.

  16. Oh I hear you on the laundry room except mine is on the 2nd floor.
    We bought this house shortly after it was least the master bed and bath are on the first floor
    Sorry to be so late.
    Hugs Cecilia

  17. We never let our cats outside either, except when we had them in a halter/leash. They loved it. The outside stray cats are always outside and we don’t even try to bring them in.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂
    P.S. what happened to your ‘like’ button?

    1. I wish I knew what happened to the like button. Strange things are happening on here. XO

  18. Charlee: “Awww! We cats are always happy to be of service to enrich human lives!”
    Chaplin: “In exchange for laps, food, and being pet, of course.”
    Charlee: “Oh yes, of course.”

  19. That’s one thing I love about our current house over our old one – laundry on the main floor! I don’t mind stairs, but it just really makes life easier.

  20. Wonderful answers! I can’t imagine our household without our two fur babies. They add so much love and joy. xo

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