Friendly Fill-Ins Week 217

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins. I came up with the first two sentences and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with the second two. If you didn’t do a post for them, you can also answer in the comment section. Thank you to all who participate. Don’t forget to add your link ( see below) to the hop so everyone can visit you.

1. My latest obsession is __________________________.

2. I am so over _______________________.
3. I’m skilled at _________.
4. I’m not very good at _________.
My answers:
1. My latest obsession is watching Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. My hubby and I are both loving it.
2. I am so over Nicolas Cage. Just kidding! Surprised you, didn’t I?
3. I’m skilled at crocheting and taking care of a cat’s every need.
4. I’m not very good at making money.
We are also joining Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday and Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.
Yesterday’s poem featured marbles which reminded me of this photo of Angel Phoebe from 2016.
She was mad that I filled my gumball machine with marbles-she wanted me to fill it with cat treats.
She ended up with her own filled with treats as requested.

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  1. I love how Angel Phoebe struck that pose of turning her face away from those marbles! Their expressions are just precious! 🙂 <3

  2. My human loves Mrs. Maisel – she already watched all three seasons, and is anxiously waiting for season 4 to start production (possibly next month!), and hopes it isn’t delayed too much because of the pandemic.

  3. 1. My latest obsession is staying healthy…but I think that is obsessing a LOT of peeps, MOL.

    2. I am so over this while pandemic and its disruptions…but well, we gotta do what we gotta do….
    3. I’m skilled at my work as a nurse aide…and I love doing it too, except its way hard right now due to all the things we have to do and things that we cannot do on account of this evil virus..
    4. I’m not very good at saving money…but skilled at spending it, LOL!

    1. Thank you for these great answers. Sadly, I think this is far from over. I am good at spending too. Have a nice weekend. XO

  4. You did almost fooled us about Nicolas, Ellen, MOL..I remember these pictures of sweet Angel Phoebe and her treats💗Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

  5. Far as I’m concerned my suggestion for dad’s #4 answer is keeping up with blogging. Hmm, a gumball machine for my treats sure sounds like a good idea. Instead, I have to sit up and beg and be gentle before I get my treats. Damn humans.

  6. These are super duper answers in the fill-ins………..and you ARE amazing with your crochet !! That was sweet of you to fill a gumball machine up with treats for your sweet Angel Phoebe!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

  7. You did surprise me for a second with the second answer. Funny trick.

    Love the picture of Angel Phoebe with the gumball machine. Do the cats still have the treat machine, too? Mine would eat all the treats in about two minutes.

    Have a fabulous Friday!

  8. 1. Mom said: My latest obsession is reading Gilbert Morris books.
    2. Mom said: I’m so over several things. I’ll keep them a secret.
    4. Mom said: I’m not very good was walking slowly in stores or even in the house. Not natural to me
    3. Mom said: I’m skilled at organization.

    Mom’s boring. Next time I’ll answer! I’m never boring.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I have not heard of Gilbert Morris. Have a nice weekend. XO

  9. SSNS and I love Mrs. Maisel! We can’t wait for the new season. Of course Angel Phoebe ended up with her very own pink treat machine… her Mom is a pushover when it comes to making cats happy!
    My Fill-Ins~>
    1. My latest obsession is Taco Bell’s Crunchy Taco Supreme. I don’t need the salt.
    2. I am so over this summer heat and humidity.
    3. I’m skilled at finding people with a great sense of funny. 
    4. I’m not very good at keeping my temper in check.
    Thanks Ellen! The Fill-Ins are a fun distraction from the heat, humidity and other negative things swirling around us.

    1. I look forward to season 4. Thank you for these great answers. I want a taco now. 🙂 I am over humidity too- I like colder weather. Have a nice weekend. I would have trouble with my temper if I lived in a place as hot as you do. Have a nice weekend. XO

  10. Great pic of Angel Phoebe!
    I’m obsessed with sitting outside on our balcony and getting fresh air.
    I’m over the summer heat and can’t wait for fall.
    I’m skilled at organization.
    I’m not good at doing nothing. I always have to be busy.

    1. Thank you 🙂 And thanks for these great answers. I am over the summer too. I prefer fall. Have a nice weekend. XO

  11. Meowser Ms. Ellen thank you for hosting this blog hop. I hope you’re having a wonderful week…. BTW taking care of cats propurrly is MUCH more important than money.

  12. Love your fill-ins and I knew #2 wasn’t true. Just couldn’t be.

    Aw on Angel Phoebe. I knew she’d get her own treat gumball machine. It’s the way you roll.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop. Thank you for co-hosting the Friendly Fill-ins. Such fun.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  13. I love Mrs. Maisel. We are all caught up and I can’t wait until they start making new episodes. Have a great weekend!

  14. Phoebe got that right. I have a treat machine called TW. #4 is the truth. None of us here are good at making money but we’re good at spending it.

  15. Before long we might be having to join Amazon prime or Netflix…absolutely nothing on
    regular tv..even with the 200+ channels we get with Spectrum.
    Hugs Cecilia

  16. We’ve been binge watching the series “Schitt’s Creek” – have you seen that? It’s very funny. We’ll have to check out yours when we finish with that.
    I’m with the Meezer’s crew….so over the pandemic. So tired of the politics and the bickering over masks and blah, blah, blah. But I know all we can do is ride it out!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I have heard of it, we may give it a try. Hope you have a nice weekend too. XO

  17. Angel Phoebe was very lucky to get her own treat filled gumball machine.

  18. It is always a treat to find things you enjoy with your hubby. We still watch old Western’s but there are so many things you can share. I like that a lot. The gumball machine is cute. Love those feline photos too! Great answers! Thanks for including me .Happy Weekend.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I enjoyed your answers too. Hope you have a nice weekend too. XO

  19. Mom wants to watch that show too, but she isn’t sure if she can get Dad interested. That’s OK – she can watch it herself!!!

    Mom loves to crochet too – she needs to find a good project.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. I didn’t think my hubby would be interested either, but he got into it. Tell your mom to look for a project on Ravelry.

  20. 1. indigestion
    3. cleaning
    4. swimming
    Have a nice weekend everybody!

    1. Thank you for these answers. Sorry about the indigestion. Have a nice weekend.

  21. You totally had me for a moment there. 🙂 I got into The Marvelous Mrs. M for a while but didn’t care for the caricature they made out of her father. The vastly talented Tony Shaloub deserves a better characterization. But don’t let me ruin it. ~nods~ It *is* funny, for sure.

    1. PS: If my husband were interested, it might be a different story. There is just *so* much content to watch and a great many things we share, I don’t need a show to watch alone. lol

  22. Fantastic fill-ins! You had me worried there for a second with your #2. I was pretty sure you’d never turn on Nicolas Cage like that. And you are so right about #3. I love how you sometimes mix your skills of crocheting and caring for cats, creating toys that every kitty loves. Purrs!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I will never turn on Nic unless I hear of him abusing an animal.

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