Friendly Fill-Ins Week 19

Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins. I am letting Phoebe answer too being that she had such a rough week. Be sure to add you link on McGuffy’s Reader.

1. Something healthy I do daily is ________________________.
2, Something unhealthy I do daily is ____________________________.
3. This Summer,                                         .

4. This Autumn,                                          .
Our answers, Phoebe’s are in parentheses:
1. Something healthy I do daily is DRINK LOTS OF WATER and SPEND TIME WITH MY KITTIES. ( Exercise on my pole)
2. Something unhealthy I do daily is EAT JUNK FOOD LIKE CHIPS AND MILK CHOCOLATE. ( Eat too much party mix).
3. This Summer, WAS TOO HOT! ( was too hot so we had the a/c on and no window whiffs- phooey!).
4. This Autumn, CAN’T ARRIVE SOON ENOUGH- IT IS MY FAVORITE SEASON. ( I hope to see a lot of my Grammie- I love her so very much!)

And for P.S. Annie’s 19-Somethin Blog Hop the question is: Who was your favorite tv character? And who did you like the least?
I had a big crush on Rocky Schroder so I loved him on Silver Spoons, I also liked Alex Keaton ( Michael J. Fox) on Family Ties. I didn’t like the shows like Dallas or Dynasty.



  1. I love your answers! We sound so much alike with these. I am usually pretty good about drinking water throughout the day, and I of course love to snuggle my furbabies. I make and keep on hand my own party mix, which is mostly a dessert, as it involves lots and lots of chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and butterscotch chips, with some peanuts and raisins added to make me feel good about myself. I also thought this summer was a scorcher, and I am looking so forward to autumn, my favorite season! Thank you so much for hosting this weekly challenge! We always so much fun with it!

  2. We are looking forward to fall, too! Mom has been waiting for the weather to turn to start my training for BlogPaws! If it’s in the lower 80s this weekend, she has promised a short trip in the car! Yippee!!! I’m looking to be able to visit granmama by Halloween! I’m planning on trick or treating at her house!!

  3. Happy Friday and filling in! We just joined up on McGuffy’s Reader……like you, Fall is our favorite time of the year…… begins to cool off (we are tired of HOT!) and soon we’ll have fires in the fireplace and be nice and COZY. Loved your filling in answers – Mom says junk food is her biggest problem too……if she’d stop buying it, THAT would help!!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. It has been very, very hot, so i hope for a nice Autumn for all of us, with lots of open windows.

  5. Great fill ins. This summer was way too hot. Can’t remember who was our favorite tv character. But Michael Fox was a good one. Have a great day.

  6. Water is so good for both of you! I always have a bottle of water with me too. I like a little chocolate each day, the hard part is to keep it a little! ;-). My furkids love Party Mix too. This summer was one of our hottest in awhile, so many days over 100, none of us liked that! Now we’ve had lots of rain and it’s a little cooler, that’s nice! I agree, I love Autumn. I wish we had more trees here to enjoy the colors! Thank you for the great questions each week, this is fun!

  7. You both had great answers … Phoebe, I strongly suspect your idea of pole exercise is a lot different from what we humans think of…. Have a great weekend!
    (It is currently 92 and you’re correct, autumn can’t get here fast enough!)

  8. A favorite TV character would by Captain Kirk, from Star Trek. Or Remington Steele, or Mike Stone from Streets of San Francisco. OOH, what about Magnum P.I.? Yum….

  9. It’s hard not to eat what you love. It really is.

    Have a purrfect day and I hope the windows can come open for you soon. Nothing like fresh air. ☺

  10. We watched and enjoyed Family Ties, too.

    I hope that fall comes quickly to your area. I can’t wait to start seeing photos of the leaf color changes on the blogs. We just don’t get that here. It is one of the things that I miss about being in Upstate South Carolina.

    Yes, it most definitely was way too hot this summer. It felt like we’d been put into an oven on High Broil. When we were out earlier, around noon, it was 95 degrees. Now, an hour and a half later, it is 88 degrees, but our heat index is 100. Come on, December!

    Thanks for co-hosting the fill-ins with Annie and for participating in our 19-Somethin’ challenge. Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. Chocolate is one of the basic food groups. It is still too hot. The wind chill factor is 101 right now. I call it wind chill hoping it will make me feel cooler. My kids get irritated when I do that.

  12. OMC Phoebe, awnty Ellen, we got confused and, well, we thought you awnty Ellen had a stripper pole. MOL We’s got unconfused by da 3rd fill in tho’ and figgered it all out. MOL Hope you all have a pawsum weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  13. I love junk food. I also liked Silver Spoons and Family Ties. Like you, I never watched Dallas (my mom did) or Dynasty or those nighttime soap operas that were so popular in the 80s. It was too hot here this summer too.

  14. Thank you for doing this together. That was fun!

    This was a hot Summer, which is one reason I really don’t care for Summer: Heat! Autumn is my favourite. It is always reflective. I love everything about it.

    Hugs, my dear friend.
    Annie at ~McGuffy’s Reader~

    1. I feel the same way about Autumn-and Summer- I hate being hot, especially now that I get hot flashes. Have a great weekend. XO

  15. Ellen, our answers were very similar. I think I’m going to have some ice cream tonight. DD#2 shared a picture of some blueberry ice cream she was having in Maine today. Luckily kitten! So, I’m going to have to indulge a little. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the Friday fun, my friend and have a good weekend!

  16. I wish I could eat too much party mix but TW rations my treats. She has them on rotation.

    1. Something healthy I do daily is go to the litter box.
    2, Something unhealthy I do daily is TW and I both don’t drink any water.
    3. This Summer, I had more asthma attacks than I ever have.
    4. This Autumn, I hope to be healthier.

    1. Thank you for your answers CK. We all hope you have better health soon. This Summer was awful everywhere! And you should drink lots of water- I hope your TW gets you some good one from the store.

  17. Ditto from me on Numbers 1, 2 and 4. I too love chips but will only eat dark chocolate. Otherwise we matched up really well. Thanks for hosting Fill-Ins.

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