Cyber Monday

There are so many talented people in the Blogosphere that I want to help spread the word about their products. Here they are all in one place for convenient shopping- I bet you could complete your entire shopping list with this selection.

Cats with their photos on bags, shirts, cards, calendars, etc :

The Cats of the Blogosphere Calendar


Sammy of One Spoiled Cat


Bad Cat Chris


Lorraine’s Resources

Yummy Treats for Cats

Catio Chips

Gift Items

Billy the Time Cat on Etsy  ( coasters, crocheted pet blankets, Dr. Who themed merchandise-proceeds help to buy Billy’s insulin)

The Creative Cat Blog on Etsy ( photos, sketches, cards of cats and other animals)

The Beaded Tail  ( beautiful jewelry and 50% proceeds go to animal charities)

PawznClawz ( custom jewelry and signs- they donate a portion of profits to animal rescue- $5 worldwide shipping too! )

Quint’s Art Shop ( Colehaus Cats’ Quint’s paintings)

Kitty Cat Chronicles  (Crocheted bow ties and flowers for pets- 10% profits goes to charity)

Lou Belcher  ( Adorable cat paintings)

Cats at the Bar ( custom mousepads or ones with their adorable kitties)

Why Cats Rule the World Etsy store (cat magnets, jewelry and lots more)

Dash Kitten’s Mom has an Etsy store with beautiful jewelry (%goes to a NY shelter)

Tomorrow I will have a list of great books by many of the authors in the Blogosphere.

My heart is breaking for The Zoo, 2 of their beloved kitties went to The Bridge this weekend.

Angle and Rocky, Forever


  1. Wow! Thanks for the shout-out – and I see LOADS of great shops from many of my favorite kitties and their humans here.

  2. Thanks for the list! Just in time for some Christmas shopping………..there are a lot of our friends who have shops/stores and it’s nice to visit and see what’s there……………….

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Very sad about The Zoo’s kitties, especially at this time of year. I hope you find something in the shops.

  3. guys…..manee thanx for puttin two gether thiz list….itz nice ta haz everee thing in one spot like thiz !!! hope yur burd day waz filled with piez & ham ~~~~ 🙂

  4. What great links fur shopping now and all year round. Thank Mew
    We are sad about Rocky and Angle. How stressful to lose 2 kitties in a few days.
    Purrs to you all
    Timmy and Family

  5. Fanks awnty Ellen. We actually opened up us a little store too. Which bwings us to our next statement. Those ornaments you was a wantin’? Well you can make yous own over at Zazzle. Minnd you, they ain’t all dat cheap, but you kuld have ’em nun da less. We don’t have a lot in our store yet, but we do have da Christmas basics and a kupple coffee mugs. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I will add you to this post, I am sorry I didn’t know sooner. And thanks for telling me about the ornaments, I will check them out. XO

  6. I love your new Christmas header!! So festive! That’s a pawsome list and a great undertaking. There’s also Happy Goat Soap, Whskr, Katnip Lounge Etsy show and many many more. No one could round up all our talented friends without leaving someone out.

    1. Thank you, I am lucky to have a very talented graphic designer for a friend. It is hard to get everyone, but I put a not on the Facebook page to ask people to tell me if I forgot them.

    1. You’re welcome, I hope she gets lots of sales. We all love you and your whole family 🙂

  7. So many talented friends! Thank you for telling us about them. Our Mama has a beautiful bracelet form Beaded Tails.Her jewellery is lovely.

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Thank you for letting me know, I am sorry I missed her. I will add her shop to my list now 🙂

    1. That is very sad, sorry for your losses. I can see why she would need a break, it is hard to handle, but I hope there is someone else to do it.

      1. We have 3 foster homes still…thankfully plus Nikki has 2 places to home cats temporarily. It has been a rough year for our Feral Cat group. I can say we have lost 1/2 the cats we have rescued; so many were sick. Some days we all en up in tears Ellen. The foster Mum has bleeding Ulcers AND needs Gall Bladder surgery & she is much younger than I am. Sad sad sad……

        1. That is very sad. Try to take comfort in knowing all those cats would have died unloved on the streets, at least they got to be loved briefly. XO

          1. We have a few new volunteers who are healthy & working a lot to help the group. You are right. We must focus on the positive & all thee successes we have have this year!
            (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  8. Thankfully it has snowed here & the temps are around 44 F. it did rain a few nights ago. The cats have access to the barn & there is straw down for them & lots of food & water. Little by little things are improving.

    1. I hope they are all able to be rescued. And I really hope that whoever abandoned them gets in trouble. Phebe sends her purrince her love XO

      1. The person who abandoned them is protected under the Mental Health Act here. This makes me very angry but there is nothing I can do about this.
        And the trapping etc is not going so well. Weather is snowy & cold & the ‘helpers’ are too stressed to be useful….Nikki is pretty much on her own… (

  9. The entire situation stinks Ellen! And there are not enough volunteers who can physically do the work required. Hopefully the cats are closer to being rescued this week. I KNOW Nikki wants to have them out of the farm by Xmas…
    All I can do is pray! 😉

  10. Me too Ellen!!! Sheila is working part time so can’t help Nikki & I do not drive & Sheila would be ‘my ride’….There are a few volunteers who ARE helping but wires got crossed via email & there is confusion…..
    I feel pretty powerless I can tell you!

  11. I emailed Nikki yesterday & it sounds like more cats have been live trapped & relocated. Nikki has 2 stables where she can temporarily home the cats until they are adopted. It has been raining for 2 days now so the ground is muddy & saturated & miserable. Hopefully the cats will go into traps…that would make things easier 😉

  12. Unfortunately there are still 4-5 cats roaming the property. There are 2 feeders tho’ who are going out daily to feed & put food in live traps. We have to still raise another $1,000. so we are pretty upset…..
    Somehow we will rescue them all Ellen! G-D willing!

    1. I am glad someone is still feeding them and hopefully they will get caught soon. I know you will manage somehow. XO

  13. Brian has been going daily & feeding & has trapped a few more. I emailed Nikki tonite for the total….I think there are only 2 or 3 left at the farm. I wish I had a couple of grand just sitting around….I would give it to Feral group & we could Vet all of them & rehome….
    Praying for a miracle! 😉

  14. *sighs* We need another miracle Ellen. Georgian Triangle Humane society took a slew of cats from our group & are finding them new homes. There are 3 in foster care in town; Brian has another 7 or 8 in the ‘cat shack’ & it turns out there are still 6-7 cats roaming the property….
    Nikki is calling a meeting of all of us within 2 weeks & we are going to sort out another fundraiser. We have to raise more funds!

    1. Yikes- that is awful, but I give the group credit for trying to save so many. I will spread the word about the fundraiser when you have it.

  15. As soon as I know a plan you will know a plan Ellen. We are in the midst of a blizzard tonight (Sunday) so nothing is happening for a while…..
    I hope the 10-12 remaining Christmas Colony cats are at least in the barn….
    We already know our next 2 Colonies we want to work on….Alpha Street Colony & Nicol’s Gully Colony…..
    But we have to finish the job @ the farmhouse first….

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