1. That is pretty art. Rusty thinks the ears are for eating.

  2. Rudy is still quite handsome with her without the ears on. And yes I definitely got your sweet email. I just hated to intrude by replying. Hope all goes well for Easter weekend.

  3. I love the Caturday art! Thanks for being a good sport, Rudy, but tell mom you don’t want to look like the Easter bunny. MOL

  4. Rudy, have to tell you I laughed out loud, really, when I saw you biting those ears. Good on you, Rudy!

  5. Cute Lunapic effect. We hope our comment reaches you because we are not reaching half of the blogs we comment on!!! signed, glitchy Peaches & Paprika. PS: Mom Carol thinks of Joanie all the time, she’s looking for that old pic she took.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I love the photo she took of me holding Joanie. I rarely get in photos so I am thankful to have that. XO

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