1. That sure is fun art, and it looks like St. Catrick’s Day is still happening at your place!

    1. Thank you. You are too kind. I am glad my silly posts bring you joy. Yours bring me joy too. XO

  2. Hi Guys! It is terrific to stop by and see you guys! Goodness we have missed visiting and blogging and commenting! Our School Board voted to close the school and now we are working on an appeal. Mom thought she was busy before, but now it is crazy. And the group she does Zoom tech support for, has been super busy too! She has been working every weekend for the last month and will be until the end of June. Mom says that the reason she has not posted is because Photoshop will not work on the new laptop, we told her that is a poor excuse, she can resize online…Sending you love and missing you terribly! Marv, Koz, Jo Jo, Cinnamon and Barb

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