Cat books and Nutrish for cats

Wow, it is Friday already-hope everyone has had a good week. Today is book day, but first I must tell you about the Rachel Ray Nutrish cat food- all 15 cats liked it ( yes, I even let the 2 on special diets try it). My only worry was the ash content was 7 % which sounded a little high to me. If you have a male cat that is prone to Urinary issues, you may want to find a food with a lower ash content. Most of my cats eat canned food and the dry is more of a snack- I will discuss wet vs. dry another time.

First off, Lucy didn’t want to pick a book this week. She wants to recommend a dvd for your cats and being that she is a cat, she can do what she wants. 004Her favorite part is when Odie gets milk spilled on him. Next Friday, Lucy is taking the holiday offf so Millie will be filling in for her- he already has a book picked out.

I am going to recommend another oldie, but goodie. Siamese cat owners will really love the collection of books by Doreen Tovey. Here is an Amazon link to several of her books: . Doreen and her husband, Charles remind me of my hubby and I. They did not have children and their lives revolved around their 2 Siamese cats. Her books span from the 1970’s-1990’s and tell many funny stories of the cats they had over the years.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hey, those are great suggestions! We just might take you up on that DVD, Lucy, since it’s going to be a rainy one for us this weekend. Have a good holiday next week! Purrs…

    1. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy Garfield The Movie as much as Lucy does.

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