Another Contest and Stinkies Fish

Happy Saturday, I am having another giveaway ! I really do love to give things away, I never let anyone leave my home empty handed which is probably why I don’t get a lot of company-LOL. I went to the mall with my mom ( its about 40 minutes away) and I got a scarf for free at JCPenney!!! It is the same kitty scarf I already have that my cats got me for Mother’s Day. Well, it was on clearance and I had a coupon for $10 off so it was free! I went to Macy’s for another MEOW bracelet, but the price was twice as much as last week. I can’t figure out these store sales.  001Just leave a comment to enter and I will pick a winner Tuesday when I announce another contest that goes along with our Dr. Who themed week that starts Monday.

Saturday is product day and Stinky wants to recommend these Stinkies Fish. 003Here is the Amazon link: Actually, all the catnip toys in this brand are great. Our kitties have a cigar,a banana and candy canes.




  1. I love all your kitty pictures and stories. I have 2 cats and my daughter and I spoil them.

    1. Thank you for entering the contest, Kathy. I didn’t realize you had 2 cats, I will have to check out photos on Facebook. Your daughter is adorable, I enjoy seeing the photos of her.

  2. A KITTY scarf! I will head off to Penney’s and see if they still have it. I have a coupon too. Oh, this is Katie’s mommy speaking.

    1. Good luck, I had to search around for this one as it was the last one. About a month ago, they had a new one out for Fall and I should have snatched it up because it was gone already 🙁

    1. Wait ’til you see the crocheted Tardis ( with catnip) that I am going to have a contest for starting Tuesday. I just need my Mom to finish making it, my crochet skills aren’t that good.

  3. Don’t tell is our secert I don’t have a cat but I still enjoy your site…..and I still love your post about snowball what a very pretty kitty…

    1. Thank you! You have a lot of Grand-kitties so that counts. And thanks for reading the blog. Snowball is a pretty girl even with her tipped ear.

    1. Everyone ( all the kitties) seem to like them. Good luck to your mom, maybe she will win the scarf.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. My hubby said the same thing about the painting, he didn’t think that til I mentioned blood-LOL.

  4. That’s a really purty scarf–no wonder yer furkids gotted you one. They has good taste.

    An’ we testify that ALL the Yeow! Products are SUPERDUPER!

    (Please don’t count our post inna contest–we can’t believe we’d win again, but it would ‘barras us)

    Are you more better today? Edmund is takin’ meddysin an’ we’re waitin’ to see if it werks.

    1. You were too late for that contest- sorry. We would never bar you though if you won more than once.

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