A Giveaway of a Giveaway

Hi everyone! Today we are having a giveaway of a giveaway which is kind of like regifting, so should we call it a regiveaway? Mom won a cool item, but she is too stupid technologically challenged and can’t figure out how to use it. Keep in mind that this is the same lady that loses the Q-tip cotton in her ear on a weekly basis ( even had to go to the doctor once to get it removed).

DSCF2403 (2)  See this cute little bear, he has a cord that plugs into your cell phone so when you squeak him it will take a photo. Mom was thrilled to win this because we always blink when we hear the camera click. Unfortunately, Mom didn’t realize you need to have an app for it on your phone or android. She thought it plugged into a camera, I told you she isn’t very bright.

Her phone doesn’t have a camera so she borrowed Grammie’s phone, but couldn’t figure out how to download the app. By the way, I saw my Grammie Saturday. I love her so very much. She also tried to use her Polaroid android and still couldn’t download the app. We hate to see things not get used so we are going to give it away. We thank the PetBlogLady blog for having the giveaway for a SqueakNSnap. If you know how to download an app and want to win, please say so in the comments. The app is free, it is compatible with several including camera360. I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

And because all this effort made Mom grumpier than Grumpy Cat, we are going to give away a set of 5 Grumpy Cat greeting cards to go with the SqueakNSnap. DSCF2404 (2)

DSCF2314Hey, iz my birthday month, I want a turn.

I made a MEME that was featured on Savannah’s Paw Tracks .

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.




And one more thing, the question for P.S. Annie’s 19-Somethin’ Challenge is :Did you have a sport’s hero? I am not really into sports, but I did idolize Dorothy Hamel in the 1970’s. My parents took my to The Ice Capades with her in it- and I had her haircut. In the 1980’s, it was Mary Lou Retton.


And for all you Brody fans:DSCF2391


  1. You have such fun giveaways! I have learned tech stuff and seem to have a knack for it. This surprises me.

    I love the selfies! And I am so proud of Brody…and you! He is blessed. I love you guys. ❤

  2. My human could totally use this device! Although it would probably frighten Boodie.

    BTW, she read up on it, and apparently you don’t need an app – you just open up the camera on the phone, and then plug the bear’s cord into the phone’s headset jack. At least that’s the idea she got from what she saw online.

  3. I could use it – or my girls could! Trust me, I sometimes have trouble getting the TV to turn on, with the right remote and the right button. Without these girls …

  4. Now if that works on our I-Pad that would be great! Else we will have to have the meowmy here beg fur a smart phone fur Chrissymouse and her birthday…
    On the other paw, she can be such a klutz with techie stuff too…MOL! Pawppy will be so thrilled to help her out…not.

    She says she remembers those names too from sports…but we know she didn’t have sports idols until she met…in person…a little monkey…that’s right…a girl who was about 4 when she met her and her family…the mom worked with our auntie…she was later an Olympic gymnast. Being a monkey paid off. Not sure what medal she (Elfi Schlegel) won…but she did win one:)

  5. Phoebe, we’re so glad you got to see your Grammie! My Momma’s just as technologically challenged … she’s never so much as sent a text on a phone .. much less downloaded an app or accessed the internet from a phone. She’s a good 10 years behind everyone else :p Obviously, that means we’re not entering to win … but we do understand your pain! ~Bear Cat

  6. Good luck with the re-giveaway. What a cute little bear. 🙂

    I loved figure skating, too…watching it, that is. I have never done any type of ice skating. I always wanted to, though. My favorite book as a little girl was The Silver Seven. It was about an ice skating competition. David found it awhile back and bought it for me. I am very happy to have that part of my childhood back again. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!

  7. Just scrolled down all your recent posts to see what I’ve missed and thankfully (hopefully) all is well. We’re bracing for a big storm tomorrow. xoxo
    Loved your poem to Lucy.

  8. Our Mom is the same, she doesn’t do tech stuff. So don’t put us down. Thanks for the great picture of Brody. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great Labor day.

  9. Looks like a neat gizmo.
    We like Joanie’s selfie 🙂
    We’ve already won a fabulous gift so do not include us 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Oh wow how cute!!!

    The P.A. loves gadgets… we won’t tell her about it! MOL

    Gorgeous selfie today 😀


    Basil & Co xox

  11. What a cute and fun giveaway! You look so adorable modeling with the little camera bear, Phoebe. I’m also technologically challenged, and my phone doesn’t even have a camera. But, my sister is a technology guru and knows her way around the world of apps and all that jazz. Needless to say, if I were to win this cute little bear, it would be gifted to my sister.

    And, Joanie and Brody, you two are looking especially adorable today! Happy Sunday to all of you!

  12. Simon wants to know when Joanie’s birthday is! That’s a very nice selfie, Phoebe! Its a nice giveaway – whoever wins will surely like it!!

  13. Hi Phoebe, this is a cool gift for sure… now if they had it in mouse form I would be able to do my own selfies, at least until I had battered it to bits… Hmm maybe best I don’t enter this give away, MOL! purrs ERin

  14. Brody reminds me of ‘my’ very first cat, Christopher, who was actually a hard-working barn cat (we lived on a dairy farm). I call him ‘mine’ because he was the first cat who allowed me to pet him.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  15. There’s always a challenge in figuring out one more thing when it comes to technology. We can download apps if we can find them, but sometimes finding the right one becomes the challenge. Kitties are so lucky they don’t have to deal with all this – they leave it to their humans. Happy Labor Day weekend!

  16. Don’t feel bad – we’re so technically challenged we don’t even use a cellphone! HAHAHAHA I’m sure someone will love having the squeaky bear photo thingie. Thanks for showing a “totally happy to have a home” BRODY! YAY!

    Love, Sammy

  17. Oh dear ,these techy things can be difficult but that does look so much fun to use….Hmm mummy has a android phone and tablet I bet she could use it,xx Speedy

  18. Those are lovely selfies, Phoebe, Joanie and Brody. The bear looks cute and will be a fun giveaway for someone.

  19. I have so much fancy technology and not nearly enough time to learn how to use it all! I learn just enough to get by….LOL.
    Cute selfies!

  20. OMC Your mommy sounds llike our mommy. MOL We have da ipawd ifin it works with dat. But we didn’t know what da last thing you mentioned was. Cuz we be tech challenged too. Glad you got to see your granny and a Happy Meoiwday month to you gawjus. And last but not least, meowllo Brody.

    Luv ya’ll

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Our Polaroid tablet is a cheap version of an ipad. I am sure your Mommy could figure it out 🙂 XO

  21. Phoebe, you always make us laugh. You look pretty unimpressed with your mom. Hopefully, there will be a winner that really can use it without any trouble. Happy birthday, Joanie!! Brody looks so happy and adorable!

  22. We’re not sure if our mom can figure that thing out either, she is pretty technologically challenged, but we’ll give it a try if we win it. Thanks!

  23. MOL..that bear is to cute and since I am an high tech expert on downloading apps, with the help of Granny, I would love to have that cute little beary bear…but as we aren’t living next door, we have to pass and wish someone else Good Luck 😀
    Your Selfies are great, Phoebe and Brody and the MeMe too, Joanie..very cute 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful day to you all 🙂 <3

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