Warm Up This Winter with Berkshire Blanket

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is art day so I used pizap to make a Christmas photo. I used it the other day to make our email Christmas Card.I hope I sent it to everyone online that was on the list, but if you didn’t get one, here it is: Christmas CardI have been getting lots of beautiful cards from everyone that I want to display on my blog. I use wordpress, can anyone please tell me how to put all the cards on display. I have tried widgets, image, but then it asks for all kinds of links, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here is a photo of Sammy that I uploaded to pizap and used 2 Christmas frames on: pizapsammy I used to write about products on Saturday, but haven’t in a while. This week I want to tell you about a place in my little town that makes fleece blankets called Berkshire Blanket. They sell fleece blankets and throws as well as sheets, I just went there yesterday to purchase a couple Christmas gifts. Here is their link in case you are looking for something like that: http://www.berkshireblanket.com/category/customer+service/about+us.do. I am pleased to say that they donate lots of blankets to local animal shelters as well as recently donating 2,000 blankets to The Red Cross. It is nice when businesses give back.

Here is Sammy’s letter to Santa:003He wants a scrapbook to put all his cards and photos from Cat Scouts ( shhhh! don’t tell him, but I already got him a nice green one). We are hopping: Caturday Artand:Pet Parade #bloghop for #petbloggers #cats #dogs #pets any #animals


    1. I didn’t install the header, a friend did. I didn’t know there was anything else, I will have to take a look.

      1. Sometimes I see the same as what Brian is seeing. Your post will display both above and below the header image. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.

  1. Displaying cards is tough…………..we’ll just do a slideshow to display ours but you can create a separate page for them if you want OR put them on the sidebar with widgets. The “form” is a little confusing but you need to upload the cards to your media library first….then note what the media link file is (the http:// link that WP gives the photo) – then when you fill out the form you will need to put that in the blank. There’s a tutorial on WP about it……..or click the “help” button for more help.

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Thank you, it does sound confusing. I will have to look for a tutorial or maybe the seprate page would work. Hugs to you Sammy and a little kiss too.

  2. Dat’s pawsum. Luv da cawd, and weez so happy dat yous local shop gives back. Bet they be very succesful.

    Ifin yous haven’t figgered out da widgets and wuld like sum help, email mommy and hers will help you. It’s just like any udder image widget yous display. Mommy did ow fotos as a slide show on da sidebaw.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thank you for the offer of some help. I may do what Summer suggested and just do a post with all of them on Christmas Eve. I do appreciate your offer though.

  3. I am on blogger so it is different to WP, but I have created a separate page for all my Christmas cards.
    I always come to your blog from my reader and your post comes up strange from there. It posts twice, then the header shows and then the post again below the header where we can leave comments. If I click on your home page it displays properly. I think that is what Brian means in his comment.

    1. Thank you for explaining that, I had looked and didn’t see anything above my header.

  4. I just collect the eCards until the day before Christmas and make a whole post of just the cards, like a virtual card wall. That way I pretty much get everybody in at the same time.

    1. Thank you Summer, I am going to do that too- hope you don’t mind my copying you-that is considered a compliment.

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