Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays and McGuffy’s Reader’s SPARKS. I am skipping the reading hop for this week because I haven’t had a chance to read much.

Joanie has a DVD review today.

I watched this scary movie because my mom is in it. Victimized, iz too scary for me and no cats in it, but mom said I have to recommend it. You can buy it on Amazon or watch it with Amazon Prime

I looked on Pinterest for today’s SPARK and chose this:

“When it rains, look for the rainbow.When it’s dark, look for the stars.”

There is something good to be found in every situation, although sometimes we need to look hard to find it.

Hubby and I got to see 11 meteors Friday night, that was fun. Did anyone else watch for them?

PS: Some of you misunderstood our post yesterday. Feline Opines is not ending, just the Blogger Showcase hop that was twice a month. We are glad they will still be there.

Horror Movies Anyone?

Hi everyone! Today is Day 8 of #JHC and the word is corn maze/hayride, but the host said we could be flexible and use other words so I am going with horror movies. I am actually not a fan of them except for one which I will write about later in the month. I know I wrote about it before, but in case anyone missed it, I was in 2 horror films and if you want to see my lousy acting you should check them out.

Family Secret is free with Amazon Prime


Victimized just came out on dvd, but is not on Amazon yet. To see the trailer click here



And for Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop , I am using my Fall header. Isn’t it cute? If you need any graphics done, please consider graphic designer, Jamie Swimm of

Fun Fact: Jamie played my son in the Family Secret movie.

Caturday Art