Happy Wednesday everyone! My ROAR this week is for PAL ( People for Animals) . I have ROARED for them several times already, but they are my favorite rescue because they are small, yet do so much and never turn any cat away like some of the larger rescues do when they are “full”.

As you know, I crochet cat toys and they get sold at the local VCA vet clinic, all the money goes to PAL. I rounded up 2 more boxes of items while decluttering so I offered the items to them for their tag sale. The shelter gets all the cats examined and fixed at VCA so I left the items there for Sandy ( the shelter owner) to pick up. My niece is the clinic manager so I left them right outside her office door. Now for a funny coincidence

I had a few Lionel train items in the boxes that had belonged to my Dad. I am not into trains so I figured the rescue could make some money on them. There was a popcorn tin, a tin sign and a mini lunch box. My niece got to work and spotted the tin and decided it would be perfect to store the clinic cat’s food in- his name is Lionel 🙂 Then she thought the lunch box would be great for storing his bow tie collection. That made my day, I love it when something I no longer want or need can have new life and be appreciated.

I also think it is great that my vet’s office has a clinic cat. He was brought in for euthanization because he had a lot of medical issues. Luckily the staff loved him and Lionel became the clinic cat. I wish every clinic did this, it would save a lot of kitties.

Phoebe will see you tomorrow, she is working on a 4th of July giveaway. Well, right now she is hiding under the covers on the bed because we had a thunderstorm a few hours ago. And thank you for all the purrs and prayers for Spooky, he is a lucky guy to have so many friends out there. 006He even decided to celebrate Box Day ( a little late).