Lucy Update


Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day, but I don’t have an actual ROAR.  I try to donate weekly to a shelter or cat in need, but this week, all our funds are for Lucy. Our appointment didn’t get us any answers, but they did blood work so maybe we will have an answer soon. I also made an appointment for her to get an ultrasound. There is a traveling one that is there at least once a month and will be there next Tuesday.

One good thing is that she maintained her weight from last week. They also gave her some of the pasty stuff I had trouble giving her which should firm up her stool. I just need to keep her eating for another week until the ultrasound.

014( She is sleepy, but at least she chose to be out in the livingroom with us)

Trout Talkin Tabbies suggested a Vitamin B-12 injection, but the vet wants to wait until after the ultrasound. Thank you Tabbies- I appreciate the suggestion and will push for this next week.  I appreciate everyone’s purrs and prayers.

In better news, my latest article in The Daily Mewz is posted. It is Stinky’s story:


Phoebe will be posting tomorrow.