Gone to the Dogs

Hi everyone! I have another beautiful graphic of Lucy that was made by Pipo and Minko’s Mom ( http://webeessiamese.blogspot.com/ )

LucytributeThank you- it is wonderful just like Lucy.

For today’s ROAR, I want to show you what I made while I was grieving ( I still am) Lucy. My niece had a tag sale and I asked her for the t-shirts that didn’t sell so I could make dog toys. I don’t know how to crochet any dog toys, I tried to make a bone once, but the pattern was too difficult for me. 001 008I ended up making 52 of these- I was obsessed with ripping up the shirts and making these. When I ran out of shirts, I searched the house for any older ones to rip up ( my hubby has a few less undershirts now) .I have a little fabric left for about 10 more and then I will go back to crocheting. I highly recommend this as a stress reliever. I found the directions here: http://barkpost.com/how-to-make-a-t-shirt-dog-toy/¬† . All these will be sold at the vet clinic where they sell my crocheted toys and all the money¬† goes to PAL. At least something good will come from my grief.

Penny wants to remind you to comment for a chance to win these Big Bang Theory/Soft Kitty socks – winner will be announced on Thursday’s Post- 010

I was sad to see another kitty went to the bridge ( http://fortypaws.blogspot.com/ )

Forever, Dorf