Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone !

001My sweet purrince sent me a poem this week.  I am such a lucky purrincess. Here it is:

Rosess are red
Violetss are so blue….
Purrincess Phoebe iss sweet
An mee LUV iss so true….

I got to see my Grammie yesterday. I love her so very much. She promised me a bag of treats for Thanksgiving because I was a little jealous that Joanie got a 1 pound bag for herself. Joanie and Prancie both won the Halloween costume contest at the local pet store so they got $10 gift cards. I don’t know why Mom didn’t enter my photo, she only entered them- phooey!

Joanie won for most original : Halloween 2013 034and Prancie won for funniest: blog13(Goldilocks)

You can see the contestants here. Joanie wanted the one pound bag of treats with her card and Prancie wanted a nip nana, but they were all out so she has to wait.

And the winner of the Thanksgiving Giveaway is The Florida Furkids! Congratulations!

We are participating in the Sunday Selfies and Snowball is so happy to have a boyfriend that she wore the headband just for Pierrot:

004(Not sure why she looks dirty she just got groomed last week)

Kitty Sized Earplugs

Happy Sunday everyone! I really wish I could visit all my kitty friends more often, but mom only lets me write one day a week- phooey. Speaking of mom, I have a little problem with her. She loves Christmas music and singing to it. Mom doesn’t sing well, I heard that when she was in college in the choir, she was asked to just mouth the words. MOL-really. Does anyone know where I can get some kitty sized ear plugs? It is going to be a long Christmas season. I guess dad is deaf because it doesn’t seem to bother him.

Good thing mom can crochet a little better than she can sing. She has been making some items for the T.J.O’Connor Animal Shelter to donate for them to sell at their Pawzaar in December. She said I can take a couple items to giveaway so I figured I would give one away this week and one next week. The winner can choose a gift for their mom or dad and I will even wrap it for you. We have coffee cup cozies, card holders ( with little kitty buttons), hats, pot holders for frying pans and eyeglass holders. She can even whip up a crocheted tie for your dad. All you need to do is comment today through Tuesday and we will announce a winner on Wednesday.

003I am wearing the dad’s tie and the cup cozies are Dunkin Donuts pink.

005This is the holder for a gift card or credit cards-see the little kitty button on it.

Have a great week everyone! And I am sending as Meow out to my Grammie that I love so much. Mom helped me order your Christmas gift from us kitties- it is going to be Purrfect.

We are hopping so I hope my photo above counts as a selfie:


Selfie Sunday with Phoebe Yet Again

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a nice weekend- this is Phoebe! This week when I was catching up on my celebrity gossip, I saw a belfie of Kim Kardashian so I thought I would give you a treat and do one of those too:


Starting today we are showing our costumes for this year so here it is: 011Don’t I look stunning as Elsa from Frozen? Want to know a secret? Mom’s niece had this Marie Antoinette costume that mom is trying to sell for her on Craigslist so I borrowed it.

This week is Grammie’s birthday so I am not going to make her pay me this week. Am I not the sweetest too? Happy, Happy Birthday Grammie!!!! I love you very, very much!

I am hopping with Rascal and Rocco today: Grab button for Pet Parade Blog Hopand The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies hop too! I hope a belfie is OK: Cat4

Sunday Selfies with Joanie and Sammy

.Hi, I’m Joanie   010

and I am her big brudder Sammy.001

We is going to be 9 years old on September 30th and we want to invite you all to our party. We will even make Mommy have a giveaway.

We both loves snacks. Mommy calls me Nurse Jackie because I takes good care of her when she is sick and I love catnip. My name used to be Megan, but Mommy didn’t think it was a good cat name so she named me after my Grammie- Grammie wasn’t too happy- I don’ts know why.

Mommy calls me her 20 pound hat because I sleeps on her head. When she gets up to go potty I take her place on the bed and give her a bitey when she tries to move me-sometimes she gives up and goes to sleep in the spare room with KaTwo.

It is nice to meet you all and we hope to get a turn again soon, but there are a lot of us that want to write. Hope you all come to our party! Have a nice day!

PS: We are particCat4ipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies: