1. TUFFY! HOW in the world did you get that puffed a tail???? Elvira you look smashing!

  2. Wonderful selfies! Maybe we should call them Furries! And could we have the names, please, of all the kitties who are so honored to share your life? Merci.

  3. What a GREAT shot of Elvira AND Tuffy ought to enter the “Floofiest Tail” contest – he’ll be a winner for sure! Happy Selfie Sunday……

    Love, Teddy

  4. Ethel has the sweetest little face and beautiful eyesβ™₯ Tuffy, I thought Trouble had a big poofy floofy tail with a personality all its own but holy smokes that big poofy floofy gingery tail of yours is pretty spectacular! Trouble still has a gorgeous floofy tail but now there are TWO tails that get the poofy floofy acknowledgement of excellenct poof and floof! So sweet of Grammie to give Elvira the big jar of treats for her birthday! Happy Sunday Selfie Day!

  5. Elvira we hope you had a wonderful birthday sorry our wishes are late arriving. Such wonderful selfies this week.

  6. What a lovely Selfies of you all😺Sorry I missed your Birthday, sweet Elvira. I hope we can make it up to you by sending our heartful Pawkisses especiallly for youπŸΎπŸ˜½πŸ’ž

  7. Ethel yore such a purrty kitty girl…iss nice to see yore purrty eyess!
    Rudy you are such a cutie….
    Tuffy yore tail iss speck-taculur (just like you!)
    An Elvira lookss like you had a furabuluss Birfday…
    GRATE Selfiess Efurryone! Happy Valentine’ss Day to Efurryone there!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Tuffy, Ethel Elvira and Rudy all thank you. We hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day too. XO

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